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    This is why you choose a helicopter over a droneReal pilots fly helicopters

    Nowadays the drones rule the RC flying market. But why you will choose a heli instead of a drone? Because the courage will motivate you. Brave people fly things which cannot fly by their nature. These are the helicopters. /
    11 July 2020
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    10 mistakes that beginners usually makeNot to do list for beginner RC helicopter pilots

    We all were beginners once, and many of us made mistakes. Let's see what not to do at the very beginning. Learn from others' mistakes. /
    10 July 2020
  • OMP M2 binding and basic setup.jpg

    How to bind and setup OMP M2 Explore V2 with SpektrumInstructional video about the process

    The video is published on the Buddy RC Youtube channel about the process of setting up the OMP M2 Explore V2 helicopter with a Spektrum transmitter. Settings seem to be a bit strange, but the video gives a good clue about the whole process. /
    07 July 2020
  • 1ST RC Buffer pack 004.jpg

    1st Buffer PackWhat is it, how does it work?

    First of all, let's make it clear for everyone, It is exactly the same as the last release of the R2, you can see the version number on the board. V4.8. The only change is the name (and screen print of the board) and the colour of the capacitors. It is fully approved and supported by the original designer. 1st is a division of Xelaris in Switzerland and distributed worldwide by Heli-Professional. 1st has taken over the product from R2.

    Gábor Szalontay
    25 March 2020
  • Spektrum iX20 video series.jpg

    Spektrum iX20 video seriesHow to videos from Spektrum RC

    This is the first episode of the Spektrum iX20 instructional series, which demonstrates the capabilities of the new Spektrum transmitter, and teaches that how to configure them. Tom and Alex are explaining everything in these detailed videos. There are 6 published so far including this pilot episode. /
    09 December 2019
  • global-3d-2019-friday-130-toncsi-flying questions.jpg

    How to do - The first stepsAll you need to know briefly

    How to start RC helicopter flying? What to know? What to be aware of? All these questions will be answered here. Because time is money - and we have neither time nor money - we keep it short. /
    26 November 2019
  • RC Helicopters Christmas Tree.jpg

    RC helicopter for ChristmasDos and don'ts

    This article is for ordinary people rather than future or actual RC heli flyers. This is for those, who are not so lucky, and need to surprise their beloved ones who actually love helicopters. Yes, this article is for people who have no idea, how, what and where to buy or what should be skipped. /
    22 November 2019
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    How to set up your simulatorPhoenix RC with Futaba transmitter

    You decided to start the hobby, you want to learn. You were told to pracice in simulator first. Weren't you? Then I tell you now: practice in simulator first. I'll show you how I set everything up for practicing in Phoenix RC with a Futaba transmitter. But don't worry if you have different transmitter with different simulator, the principal is the same, just the ways to achieve can be different. /
    04 August 2018