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  • Global 3D 2018 -Sunday - Ryan Henson 020.jpg

    Sunday summaryPhotos about the last day

    The weather was nice on Sunday again, therefore nothing disturbed the programs. Here is a brief summary of the day in pictures.

    Ryan Henson
    08 July 2018
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    It beginsFew more hours and it's happening

    In few hours the Global 3D - the most important RC helicopter event - will begin in Venlo, Netherland. All famous pilots, all fans, all supporters are going to be there this weekend to see the bests and many more. All factories will present something there. /
    05 July 2018
  • Global 3D 2018

    Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    6-8 July 2018

    Most likely this is the most important RC helicopter competition in the world. It will be at the location of the former 3D Masters, in Venlo of Netherland, where the most known pilots will attend. /
    27 May 2018