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06 November 2018

Our privacy policy

Privacy and data security is really important to us, therefore we do everything we can to handle the data given by our users safely and we use them for the purposes we got them for. We use these data as long as we have the consent to use them, or by the time declared by laws. We eliminate these data securely and terminally after all.

General rules

This privacy policy is applied for systems and components owned and managed by rchelicopter.hu This policy cannot be applied on linked or embedded contents (like YouTube, Facebook videos and components), ruling privacy is controlled by the owners of these websites in these cases. We don’t handle, sell or rent any data to 3rd parties – excluding legal requirements.

Data gathered about you

information gathered without personal identification

We gather navigation data whilst surfing on our websites which are required to improve experience given by us. Therefore we count individual page visits, the number of returning visits. This is happening by internal counters and external services (Google Analytics, StatCounter). Internal counters measure the number of visits only, external partners provide us wider information – including geographical data. However these data cannot identify the user even the user is signed in the system by his/her user account registered. Privacy policy of our external partners are available on the following pages:

Duration of storing data: number of visits kept for unlimited time, but neither geographical nor personal identification stored. Only the fact of visit is being kept (even the date is not stored).

Other analytics data managed by our partners ruled by their privacy policy.

Registered accounts – user data

These data provided by users without any pressure based on their own decisions during the registration. These are: full name, e-mail address, password. These data used by our system exclusively, and they are not provided to 3rd parties – except legal duties, final court judgements. Visiting preferences of users logged in are not being stored on a way which can identify the user, therefore we can’t analyse which registered user is visiting what page. Gathering these information is happening independently and anonymously.

Storing passwords

Passwords are stored on a way which makes impossible to retrieve them back, we are unable to retrieve them even if want or have to do it. We keep these password encrypted (hashing*), therefore these data can’t get revealed even in the case of data leaking or compromised..

Duration of storing data: We keep user data as long as we have the consent of the user. Consent is given whilst the registration is valid, therefore these data will be deleted by un-registration process as far as the consent given by the user is revoked by this process. All data linked to the account (full name, e-mail address, password, discounts, gathered points, settings, other future developments) will be removed as well – excluding the data related to shopping (including orders and invoices) are kept as long as required by laws and legal rules. These data ruled in the next section.

Billing data, delivery/shipping data

We use these data provided to us for fulfilling your order and directly connected operations (including e-mail addresses, phone numbers). We use these data for marketing and promotional purposes only when the customer give us an explicit consent. When ordering is completed under registered account, the addresses give are kept at the user account for convenience reasons. These data are going to be ruled by the rules of registered user accounts.

Duration of storing data: Invoices and order data are kept for minimum 5 but maximum 6 years. Before the 6th year all data kept electronically will be deleted terminally, all printed materials will be annihilated securely (shredding). Shredding is happening by us or accredited third party shredding company. In the meantime the annihilation has to be guaranteed as safe and secure, without any chance of data leaking.

Payment preferences

Our system does not store any payment preference data, when it is required by the API applied, our system asks these data but transfers to the payment provider without any temporary or permanent local storing. This provider is PayPal apparently. Privacy policy of debit/credit cards an dany payment identification controlled by this company, more information available on that website.

Duration of storing data: Data regarding to payment information will not being held in our system even for temporary time. Our system can ask these data on the client side interface (your computer) but these data will be provided to the payment provider via client side scripts without involving our server. Our system will get informed about transactions being approved/declined only.

When you see stored card details, seemingly our system knows them, then your internet browser application stored them locally on your computer. Some of the internet browsers (like Google Chrome) are able to hold these data, but this happens on your computer instead of our system. We have absolute no control or access on these settings and data.

Security of surfing on our pages and shopping

Our websites (rchelicopter.hu and rchelicopterhu.uk) are hosted on HTTPS protocols. You can verify our certificate by clicking on the padlock icon next to the address bar. If you have any concerns regarding to the security and validity of our website or the payment transaction, verify the certificate and the address in the address bar.

Policy of common sense

Obviously we try to do everything we can to keep your data secure for your safety and convenience, however we can’t guarantee the full safety – as any internet browsing has got risks. Therefore before you close your order, and give your payment data, verify the address bar and the certificate at all times to avoid any fraud.

Rchelicopter.hu and rchelicopterhu.uk NEVER asks password or card details in e-mail or via phone. If you see any attempt regarding to this, please contact us immediately.

Excluding liability and fraud protection

  • Rchelicopter.hu (and also UK edition) doesn’t accept any financial or moral responsibilities due to fraudulent third party actions, asked data, data given by you on fraudulent websites, not fulfilled transactions initiated on those websites. However we will do all legal actions in any similar circumstances.
  • We do all legal steps and turn to authorities in case of suspicion of fraud for protection of our customers and system and we reserve the right to hold any data and pause any transactions in these case.
  • We don’t accept any responsibilities for damages caused by data leak however we do everything that can be expected to avoid data leaking.
  • Everything else not declared in the privacy policy is regulated by the regarding rules of European Union and United Kingdom acts. We reserve the right of any changes!

If you have any question, please contact us.

An algorithm which makes impossible to retrieve the data. This is because if the algorithm was known as well as the required encrypting data, it would retrieve multiple variations (the number is high), therefore the hashed result of the password given is compared to the password stored by us during the login operation.