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  • Omphobby OMP M4 with canopy.jpg

    Technical details of arriving Omphobby M4 disclosed

    Jonas Wackershauser shared many technical details about the new M4 last night. The description is detailing the helicopter well, all key information are listed and reasoned, even detailed images are attached for better understanding. /
    21 January 2023
  • OMP M4 video 3.jpg

    Omphobby M4 EVT: High RPM test

    This time the high RPM is being tested: 2700. Big, speedy loops, piroflips, tic-tocs, and massive manoeuvres combined with smacking. Total flight time is 4 minutes 3 seconds, high RPM flight is about 3 minutes 50 seconds. /
    17 January 2023
  • OMP M4 video 2 v2.jpg

    Another test video about Omphobby M4

    This is the second video about the M4. This time the flight is a sport flight with low RPMs. In the first part of the video the RPM is 2400, later on Jonas Wackershauser, the designer of this helicopter is switching the RPM to 1800. /
    14 January 2023
  • OMP M4 All colours montage.jpg

    Omphobby OMP M4 - can it conquer the market?

    No doubt; yesterday's announcement by Omphobby about the new M4 helicopter blew up like nothing in the last six months. Since then even the technical details have become public, so it's time to guess the future of the model release. /
    12 January 2023
  • OMP M4 video.jpg

    OMP M4 EVT prototype flight test

    Jonas Wackershauser is testing the prototype of the new OMP M4 helicopter. The model was announced just now, as we reported. Because this is the prototype, it's slightly different from the production version. Details about the differences under the video. /
    11 January 2023
  • OMP M4 cropped.jpg

    Answer of Omphobby: M4 - Sky is calling

    This is the answer of Omphobby for the challenge in the mid size class: OMP M4. The first 380 class model from Omphobby is on its way. This helicopter will be the company's next and largest helicopter model to date. /
    11 January 2023