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  • dd vs conventional copy.jpg

    Direct drive vs gear drive: which one is better?

    More and more model get released with direct drive on the market, even the bigger ones now. First the SAB Goblin Raw 420 was released with a pancake motor in the large league, then the Goosky RS4 followed it, and now the hot topic is the brand new Omphobby M4. Is the direct drive that good? /
    14 January 2023
  • OMP M4 All colours montage.jpg

    Omphobby OMP M4 - can it conquer the market?

    No doubt; yesterday's announcement by Omphobby about the new M4 helicopter blew up like nothing in the last six months. Since then even the technical details have become public, so it's time to guess the future of the model release. /
    12 January 2023
  • OMP M4 cropped.jpg

    Answer of Omphobby: M4 - Sky is calling

    This is the answer of Omphobby for the challenge in the mid size class: OMP M4. The first 380 class model from Omphobby is on its way. This helicopter will be the company's next and largest helicopter model to date. /
    11 January 2023
  • Goosky RS4 release copy.jpg

    Goosky RS4 ready to deliver

    During the new year's weekend Goosky quietly released the new RS4. The model will be at the shops in weeks if not days. This is the first helicopter model delivered in 2023. /
    02 January 2023
  • goosky rs4 prices.jpg

    Goosky unveils RS4 prices - mixed reactions resulted

    The long anticipated prices of the new RS4 variations are out by now. It was known earlier; the helicopter will arrive to shops in January, social media was flooded by this model, but prices were secret until this morning. /
    13 December 2022
  • Goosky Legend RS4.jpg

    Legend RS4 from Goosky in January

    A new model from Goosky is arriving very soon. Although not all details known yet, it is almost certain the helicopter will be in the shops in January. /
    11 December 2022
  • Goosky Legend S2.jpg

    A new model from a new brand: Goosky Legend S2

    Couple of days ago we have got a message: "Have you seen this? You must". And indeed, it's interesting. A model in the sub-size class competing the known models, addressed to both beginners and experienced, pro pilots. Brand new model from a brand new source. /
    27 July 2022
  • Align T15.jpg

    Align T15 is now out

    The newest model from Align is the T15. This model is a direct-drive dual brushless helicopter with full 3D capabilities in a very small size. Its weight is about 100 grams and the rotor diameter is 280 mm only. And yet, it is a fully capable model for both beginners and advanced pilots. /
    02 March 2022