Freestyle Masters
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  • Freestyle Masters 2022 7780.jpg

    Freestyle Masters - photos

    The Freestyle Masters Competition was held on 7-8 May at the BMFA National Centre, Buckminster in the UK. These photos were taken there by Alan Robinson. /
    08 May 2022
  • Freestyle Masters 2022 8284.jpg

    Freestyle Masters: great weekend in Buckminster

    The Freestyle Masters Competition just finished with a good number of pilots, a not too bad weather and a very nice competition among the RC helicopter pilots. /
    08 May 2022
  • Freestyle Masters Compettion.jpg

    Freestyle Masters CompetitionBMFA, Buckminster, United Kingdom
    7-8 May 2022

    Freestyle Competition for Fixed Wing and Helicopter RC Models - SPECTATORS WELCOME /
    25 March 2022
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    POSTPONED: Freestyle Masters 2020BMFA Buckminster, United Kingdom
    9-10 May 2020

    Freestlye knockout competition at the BMFA National Centre in Buckminster. Both fixed wings and helicopters. Friday practice, camping available. /
    05 February 2020