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  • Helifest 001.jpg

    Helifest Fun-FlyFinally: it's sort of back

    After the last year's cancellations, it was good to see, the life is getting back to normal in the hobby. This is how the Helifest was taken place in the United Kingdom last weekend. Still not the same, but it's getting closer. /
    21 June 2021
  • HRH Prince Philip 1921-2021.jpg

    HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh dies The announcement of the British Model Flying Association

    BMFA announcement with no change: It is with great sadness that we report the death of our long-term Patron, HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. /
    09 April 2021
  • COVID Stay apart.jpg

    No model flying in EnglandRC models affected everywhere in the UK

    England is now in another national lockdown since midnight, which affects even the model flying. The new rules published on the GOV.UK website are quite specific and clear, as the fixed penalty charge of £200 when breaking the rules. /
    05 January 2021
  • F3N League Comp 1 001.jpg

    F3N League competition resultsFirst F3N competition in the United Kingdom this year

    Finally, the life is getting back to sort of normal, this is how the F3N League Competition No. 1 was held in the United Kingdom. The first wave of the pandemic postponed or cancelled many of the events, including this series as well, because this round is typically held in the spring. Despite the weather forecast, the competition could go ahead. /
    17 August 2020
  • BOB.jpg

    BOB - Blades Over BuckminsterBMFA National Centre, Buckminster, United Kingdom
    21-23 August 2020

    Are you BOB? If you are, then you will be at the BMFA National centre during the Blades Over Buckminster. A weekend of fun and helicopter and multi-rotor flying. Camping and caravanning available. /
    13 July 2020
  • Full Pitch Fun Fly.jpg

    Full Pitch Fun FlyGlouchester, United Kingdom
    30 July - 1 August, 2021

    We are happy to announce that, the Full Pitch Fun Fly 2021 will be taken in place in 2021 again. Full Pitch Fun Fly the successor of the famous White Horse Fun Fly just after the Global 3D in the United Kingdom. /
    09 July 2020
  • Wuhan Coronavirus.jpg

    RC modelling under lockdownModel airfields closed officially in European countries

    As parts of COVID-19 tackling measures, more countries are banning many outdoor activities, sport events among many other restrictions. The RC model flying is literally suspended in more countries. /
    16 March 2020
  • Charmouth Cancelled Splash.jpg

    CANCELLED: Charmouth Fun-inAssociation of Helicopter Aerosports
    18-19 April 2020

    Charmouth is the longest running funfly in the UK. Run twice a year by the AHA, it is a great opportunity for helicopter pilots from all disciplines and club/sport flyers to get together. See below for more information. /
    09 March 2020
  • EMHC Scale Day.jpg

    EMHC Scale DayEynsford, United Kingdom
    6 September 2020

    Open day at the Eynsford Model Helicopter Club. Come and spend the day with us near to South East London at an amazing and well maintained airfield with a breath taking panorama. /
    05 February 2020
  • EMHC Fly In.jpg

    CANCELLED: EMHC Fun FlyEynsford, United Kingdom
    24 May 2020

    Open day at the Eynsford Model Helicopter Club. Come and spend the day with us near to South East London at an amazing and well maintained airfield with a breath taking panorama. /
    05 February 2020
  • Freestyle masters postponed Splash.jpg

    POSTPONED: Freestyle Masters 2020BMFA Buckminster, United Kingdom
    9-10 May 2020

    Freestlye knockout competition at the BMFA National Centre in Buckminster. Both fixed wings and helicopters. Friday practice, camping available. /
    05 February 2020
  • F3N Season Opener.jpg

    F3N League Comp no 4 + Team Trial no 3Cuffley MFC, United Kingdom
    20 September 2020

    This is the fourth and final of our 2020 League competitions and also the third and final Team Trial. You must pre-register. /
    28 January 2020
  • F3N Season Opener.jpg

    BMFA Nationals, F3N League Comp. 3 + Team Trial no. 2RAF Barkson Heath, United Kingdom
    29 August 2020

    The BMFA F3N Nationals is also the third of our 2020 League competitions and the second of our Team Trial events. You must pre-register direct with the BMFA. /
    28 January 2020
  • F3N Season Opener.jpg

    POSTPONED: F3N UK League Comp no. 2 + Team Trial 1Ickenham, United Kingdom
    26 July 2020

    This is the second of our 2020 League competitions and the first of three team trial events. You must pre-register. /
    28 January 2020
  • F3N Season Opener.jpg

    Cancelled: F3N League Competition, No. 1Milton Keynes Heli Club, United Kingdom
    25 May 2020

    A new venue for F3N UK and we're thrilled that the MK Heli Club have agreed to host us for the day. This is the first of our 2020 League competitions. /
    28 January 2020
  • F3N Season Opener.jpg

    F3N Season OpenerHusbands Bosworth Airfield, United Kingdom
    26 April 2020

    A chance for pilots and judges to get together and look at the new (& old) set manoeuvres for 2020. An ideal opportunity for anyone new to F3N to come along and find out what it's all about. /
    28 January 2020
  • Duxford Imperial War Museum Remembrance Day 021.JPG

    Remembrance Day in DuxfordImperial War Museum tour

    We have been in Duxford, at the Imperial War Museum, on the Remembrance day. This is our photo gallery about the museum, and the day as well. It has been a special day, this is why we could see the test Concorde inside as well, which is not open for the public on ordinary days. /
    18 November 2019
  • Drone Registration and Education System.jpg

    Theory test and registration in the UKDRES tested: experiences

    The Drone Registration and Education System (DRES) launched on Wednesday. We have tested and collected all our experiences. The test itself is very simple - let's say primitive, and we are concerned this system will achieve that is aimed. But let's be optimistic.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    07 November 2019
  • DJI Phantom CAA DRES.JPG

    CAA launch the DRES on TuesdayStill many questions

    The CAA have launced the DRES in the UK Tuesday morning which is part of the new legal framework of UAV flying in the country. The obligation of registration and competence test will enter in force on 30th November, although association members are exempt now. In fact the current framework could end or damage badly all international events in the country. /
    05 November 2019
  • Dave and Summer Fisher SAB.jpg

    Summer and Dave Fisher are members of SAB UKTeam SAB UK expands

    Two new members on Team SAB UK: Summer and Dave Fisher, father and daughter. They have been flying for long time and both are really active members of the UK RC helicopter community. /
    17 October 2019