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  • XLPower Specter 550 12S 007.JPG

    What if? XLPower 550 with 12 cellsCustom XLPower 550 kit from Italy

    Italian distributor, XLPower Helicopter Italy offers a custom configuration of 550 with 12 cell battery configuration. Yes, instead of 6 cells, this helicopter is possible with 12 cells. /
    24 March 2019
  • SAB Open Day

    SAB Open DayKyle Stacy's photos from the event

    We have got Kyle Stacy's pictures about the Italian SAB Open Day on last weekend. Among others the new Goblin Kraken is on these pictures. Thank you Kyle. /
    30 May 2018
  • Íme a Goblin Kraken

    SAB ItalyGrand Opening Day ... and something else

    Grand Opening Day was kept yesterday in Italy, San Mauro Pascoli, where many famous pilots attended among many others. Including but not limited: Bert Kammerer, Kyle Stacy and Simone Zunterer. Thanks to them, we can show some photos taken at the event. /
    27 May 2018