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  • Blackout G600Z 002.jpg

    G600Z - 600 class gasser developsBlackout works on the T-Rex 600 gasser conversion kit

    Blackoutmods is working hard on the gasser conversion kit of T-Rex 600X. This is going to be a smaller gasser model after the 700 class models. The gasser conversion provides a sort of nitro feeling with cheaper running consts. /
    14 May 2020
  • blackoutmods  mj designs acquisition.jpg

    MJ Designs becomes a part of Blackoutmods

    The Acquisition was announced on Tuesday, the Greek Blackoutmods and MJ Designs will continue together making the Greek company's production even better. The companies have been working together for longer time on the developments of Blackout, like nitro, gasser and turbine helicopters. /
    19 March 2020
  • Blackout G-logo Gasser Prototype.jpg

    G-Logo Gasser prototypeTest flight from Blackout

    This is the test flight of the new G-Logo Gasser edition helicopter by Blackout Mods. The Greek company has proven: petrol works well for RC helis. Here is the evidence, the new G-Logo Gasser is flying well even in 3D. The only weird thing is the sound of the machine. We have to get used to it. /
    24 January 2020
  • 2020-870x510.jpg

    2020 – The Year of Gasser Helicopter!BLACKOUTMODS.COM

    Hello Gasser Lovers. Our small Community decided that the year 2020 will be the Gassers Year! I can not be more happy about that and to be honnest i feel a bit responsible for this act. /
    17 January 2020
  • Blackout story splash.jpg

    Blackout - A Gas-Powered Fairy Tale!How it all began

    We were advised to read the story of Blackout, how the company was born, how all began. Because the history of the Greek company is not a simple, "okay, let's do something" monologue, it is very interesting and motivating at the same time. /
    04 December 2019
  • Blackout G700XZ Extreme 001 with logo.jpg

    Blackout G700XZ Extreme limited editionGasser (petrol) conversion kit for T-Rex 700X helicopters

    Blackout is offering a very limited series of G700XZ conversion kit for Align T-Rex 700X and 700XN helicopters to convert them into a petrol helicopter. Hurry up - only 8 left. /
    26 November 2019
  • Blackout G-Logo

    Mikado Glogo 690 with petrol?Yes: Gas-Logo alias G-Logo from Blackout

    Kyle Dahl and Blackout are working closely on a new conversion kit for the Mikado Glogo 690, which will convert the nitro-methane Glogo 690 into a petrol based Blackout G-Logo. Combustion engine helicopter flying with this conversion is cheap indeed. /
    22 November 2019