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  • evertekelo 2023 copy.jpg

    This was 2023

    This year comes to an end, and although it was less noisy than the years before the epidemic, we have got a few surprises this year as well - some were quite astonishing. Annual review from our point of view. /
    31 December 2023
  • SAB Goblin Mavraken 800 5777.jpg

    SAB Goblin Mavraken 800

    Yes, it's real - an 800 size SAB Goblin helicopter, which hasn't been heard of before. This helicopter is crazy, mad and many will be surprised about the story behind the model. /
    26 September 2023
  • Scam Alert.jpg

    Scammers try to fool Goblin users

    Bert Kammerer warns of scam. A website looking legitimate offers spare parts and even SAB Goblin kits on prices which look very nice, but Bert Kammerer warns everybody not to fall in this trap. /
    27 March 2023
  • Glen Scalemale SAB Scale helicopter 012 KrakenWolf.jpg

    SAB Kraken is not for scale helicopters. Really?

    "Hold my beer" Glen said, and he made it. And he repeated it not only once, instead, multiple times. If you think, the well designed and nice SAB Goblin helicopters cannot be converted to a scale helicopter, well: you are wrong, and Glen Scalemale provides the evidences. /
    16 January 2023
  • SAB Iconic Models copy.jpg

    SAB Iconic Goblins to be shipped in days

    As a new year's surprise SAB Heli Division announced just before the end of 2022 that they wanted to bring three iconic SAB Goblin helicopters back in production. These models were the very first Green Goblin 700, the Goblin Black Thunder and the Goblin Black Nitro. /
    13 January 2023
  • SAB Iconic models.jpg

    Iconic models from SAB to be back

    SAB announced earlier today that three iconic models from SAB history will be back in production in a limited quantity. SAB celebrate their first decade this way. /
    30 December 2022
  • foretelling 2023 copy.jpg

    These trends to be expected in 2023

    As we are aproaching to the end of 2022, the year of Tiger by Chinese Zodiac, it's time to guess what the year of Rabbit can bring to us. Of course this is not going to be a foretelling, we analysed the trends and the signs of 2022. /
    20 December 2022
  • SAB Orange 003.jpg

    New colours from SAB

    SAB Heli Division just announced the next upgrade for Goblin Raw 420, 580 and 700 models: the fluorescent orange scheme. The new colours will be available soon. /
    01 December 2022
  • SAB Goblin RAW Piuma 003.jpg

    SAB Goblin RAW Piuma: what's new?

    The newest model of SAB Heli Division, the SAB Goblin RAW Piuma will be released by end of April. Despite the rumours this model is not intended to replace the current RAW model and it is not a facelift either. This is more a "spinoff" of the current running RAW series. /
    28 March 2022
  • Dunkan Bossion Dubai Masters 2021.jpg

    Dunkan Bossion at Dubai Masters 2021Freestyle

    A short clip of this flight was published recently, and now this is how the entire show was presented by Dunkan in Dubai last weekend. And this was the first time when the brand new SAB Goblin Raw was competing at an international event first time Video credit: Abdulla Rais. /
    01 March 2021
  • Dunkan Bossion Dubai Masters SAB Goblin Raw.jpg

    Dunkan Bossion's smacks the Goblin RawDubai Masters 2021

    This video was recorded at Dubai Masters 2021. Dunkan Bossion presents what the SAB Goblin Raw can fly in smacking by him. It is a real jaw-dropping performance. /
    27 February 2021
  • SG745 SAB Goblin Raw 001.jpg

    SAB Goblin Raw: Pre-order openTo be delivered soon

    The SAB Goblin Raw is now available in pre-order and it is promised, the order will be fulfilled by end of January. Most of the SAB dealers have listed the product yet. /
    07 January 2021
  • SAB Goblin Raw 001.jpg

    SAB Goblin Raw unveiledTo be released in January

    The newest Goblin has arrived: The SAB unveiled it in detail yesterday. The new SAB Goblin Raw is the lightest Goblin ever made as the company promises. The brand new concept is designed around pure performance. /
    24 December 2020
  • Kyle Stacy SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro Torchs.jpg

    SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro at TorchsPilot: Kyle Stacy

    Not so many events have been held this year, the Torchs Winter Bash is one of these few. Patrick Mauck sent us this video. Kyle Stacy present the SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro in action. Nice nitro flight in Kyle's style.

    Patrick Mauck
    13 December 2020
  • SAB Goblin Raw 700.jpg

    SAB Goblin Raw 700Just announced: a new model is on its way

    SAB Heli Division just published the trailer video of the new Raw 700. Not so many details known so far, as we know, the model is coming early next year. Even the video does not show too much, but after the success of the Kraken a similarly successful competition helicopter is expected. /
    11 December 2020
  • Egodrift Tengu 4025HT 1190kV.jpg

    New Egodrift motor for the Kraken 580The Tengu 4025/1190kV available from now on

    The Egodrift Tengu 4025HT/1190kV has arrived. This motor is designed for the 6 cell requirements of SAB Goblin Kraken 580 primarily, and suits to all 550 size models with high kV demands. This motor comes with 6 × 32 mm motor shaft. /
    08 July 2020
  • 6S vs 12S Goblin Kraken 580.jpg

    6 or 12 cells for the Kraken 580Which configuration to choose

    Here is a question: Which configuration to use at the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580? Obviously there is no exact answer. Depending on your purposes, depending on your flying level either one is good. And Carlos Rossi from Area51-RC tries to answer this question for you. /
    06 July 2020
  • SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro.jpg

    SAB Goblin Kraken 580 NitroNot too long to wait

    The SAB Goblin Kraken 580 just released since the last week and the first images just popped up about its nitro edition. It seems the project is in a good shape, the first models are out at the team pilots. /
    03 July 2020
  • How does it feel to fly a Goblin.jpg

    How does it feel to fly a GoblinEpic story from Dave and Carlos

    "How does it feel to fly a Goblin?" Dave Dijkmans asks from Carlos Rossi. The AREA51-RC guys have created an amazing video about the feeling of flying Goblin helicopters. And the story - of course - is around the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580. "How does it feel to fly a Goblin?". Watch this video to get the answer... /
    26 June 2020
  • SAB Goblin kraken 580.jpg

    SAB Goblin Kraken 580 is releasedDispatching begins today...

    Today, 25 June is the date when the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580 is officially released - as it was planned before. Perhaps all dealers have received the ordered kits earlier, and they are starting to send the ordered kits out today. And the helicopter becomes available virtually later on this afternoon (European time) as well. /
    25 June 2020