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    CANCELLED: SRCM Jet meetingGyőr-Sokoró, Hungary
    6-7 June 2020

    7th jet model meeting in Hungary. Jet models, airplanes, gliders, helicopters - including scale ones. /
    28 January 2020
  • The famous Red Bull Cobra AH-1

    5th Jetmodel Meetup, HungaryThe helicopter division

    The 5th Jetmodel meetup was held on last weekend at the Sokoró RC model airfield in Hungary. This is usually more than an assembly of jetmodellers, each format of model flying is represented. This year the helicopter division was quite strong. We have got a selection of photos taken there. Thanks to Sokoró RC SE. Some of the helicopters were semi scale or scale helicopters, few of them were real jet models indeed. /
    06 June 2018