23/09/2023 22:05:37

RAM 2023 - Rotor Asia Masters began

The Rotor Asia Masters is taking place between 22 and 25 September, in Chengdu, China with 77 nominated pilots.

23/09/2023 21:59:00

OMP Hobby M4 Max announced

OMP Hobby announced a larger version of the current M4, which is the OMP Hobby M4 Max. This model is a 420 size version of the current M4 helicopter.

21/09/2023 17:43:02

OMP Hobby M7 - 700 class model announed

The guess was right: OMP Hobby will release a 700 size model, the OMP Hobby M7 soon - Jonas Wackershauser posted on Facebook.

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SAB Goblin Mavraken 800

Yes, it's real - an 800 size SAB Goblin helicopter, which hasn't been heard of before. This helicopter is crazy, mad and many will be surprised about the story behind the model.


Why from the UK? Align TB70 RC helicopter with Istvan Huszti

István purchased an Align TB70 from Hely-shop UK to Hungary. We are discussing about the helicopter, the first experiences and of course prices as well. And we discuss about that, why István purchased the helicopter from the far UK instead of Europe.