07/09/2022 13:21:24

BREAKING: CD switches to SAB

Sakkarin CD Koghton is flying under SAB colours from now on. After many years with Mikado the multi world champion is announced as new SAB Team member

21/08/2022 00:29:30

SoXos Australia: unexpected delays of deliveries

SoXos Australia reported unexpected delays affecting order deliveries due to COVID. 

20/08/2022 20:31:01

Styria Heli Party Freestyle contest results

  1. Carl-Henning Siebert
  2. David Gerster
  3. Maximilian Zick
  4. Marius Blöchinger
  5. Stefan Finster

Reported by David Gerster

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Shocking: well known company give up on the hobby

Very sad symptom of this shrinking hobby when a long running company announces its closing down. And this is even more worrying, when that particular company is so well known, nobody would have ever expected such an announcement.


Global 3D 2022 by Simone Zunterer

How to bind and setup OMP M2 Explore V2 with SpektrumInstructional video about the process

The video is published on the Buddy RC Youtube channel about the process of setting up the OMP M2 Explore V2 helicopter with a Spektrum transmitter. Settings seem to be a bit strange, but the video gives a good clue about the whole process.