28/01/2023 22:58:28

Mikado Evo expected in the US in March

Mikado USA is closing the pre-order of VBar Evo in days, as 80% of allocated quantity is taken. Delivery expected on March.

24/01/2023 17:08:35

Jamie Robertson at Helidirect

Helidirect LLC reported that Jamie Robertson will fly with Team HeliDirect from now on.

23/01/2023 22:31:37

Important update for Spektrum transmitters

Spektrum just released an important update containing bugfixes for iX12, iX14 and iX20 transmitters.

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Mikado VBar Evo in stocks within days

What more, the very first transmitters arrived already. Further variations and receiver/FBL combos are on their ways to the shops, therefore pre-orders will be fulfilled in the next couple of days.


The guy who hates Loctite Red: Heli Shed

Please, meet the guy, who hates Loctite Red, creates outstanding videos, and has a bit weird connection to his helicopters. Learn more about his work on the YouTube channel; Heli Shed.