26/03/2021 21:51:18

COVID restrictions update in England - BMFA

The British Model Flying Association reported earlier that the COVID rules will change on 29th March making the club flying activities possible again - with special measures. 

More details in the Facebook post...

13/03/2021 16:48:39

The Global 3D is cancelled this year again

Organisers announced earlier that the Global 3D will not be taken in place this year again. This is due to the current pandemic situation... 

10/03/2021 20:37:52

F3CN World Championship: Romania - decision about go ahead in April

GBR F3N reported that the decision about the World Championship dates (which is supposed to be 30 July - 6th August) will be announced by 30th April depending on the pandemic measures.

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New servos at BK Servo soonBrand new series just announced

Bert Kammerer and Kyle Stacy just announced and demonstrated the new BK 9001/9005 HV brushless servos. The servos are not available yet, not even the datasheet is published yet, but they were seen in action just now.


How to bind and setup OMP M2 Explore V2 with SpektrumInstructional video about the process

The video is published on the Buddy RC Youtube channel about the process of setting up the OMP M2 Explore V2 helicopter with a Spektrum transmitter. Settings seem to be a bit strange, but the video gives a good clue about the whole process.