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  • EMH Fun Fly Pasztori 2021.00_02_32_02.Still001.jpg

    EMH Fun Fly Pásztori 2021

    A video summary of the EMH Fun Fly taken place in Pásztori at the model airfield of Pásztori RC Heli Team. This weekend was about a fun fly, a competition and about RC helis again. /
    02 August 2021
  • SRCM EMH Fun Fly 2021 153.JPG

    SRCM EMH Fun FlyPhotos

    The SRCM EMH Fun Fly was taken place on 1st May by SRCM and EMH SE in cooperation at the airfield next to Győr in Hungary. The weather was wonderful and the turnout was not negligible either. We selected few photos from the event here, /
    02 May 2021
  • Heli Fun Fly Meidl Airport 016.JPG

    Heli Fun FlyMeidl Airport, Fertőszentmiklós, Hungary

    The Heli Fun Fly has been taken in place on 23rd October, 2020 at Meidl Airport in Fertőszentmiklós, Hungary. Despite the foggy, soaky humid weather numerous people turned up and created a very good mood there.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    25 November 2020
  • PFF Thumbnail.jpg

    Planet Fun FlyQuestions & Answers

    Nobody has done such an event before. Nobody knows how it is working as a programme. Does it work at all? We don't know either, but this is the only way as we can have a fun fly during the different lock downs, so we give it a try. Everything to know about the technology. /
    25 May 2020
  • PFF Thumbnail.jpg

    Planet Fun FlyLet the fun fly come to you
    30 May 2020

    Amid the pandemic we have no fun fly on the ordinary way, let's make an extraordinary one. This is the Planet Fun Fly. Come and join us. We will have a great day. /
    30 April 2020
  • RCHHUB Krisztian LiveStream.jpg

    Mini Live Stream Fun FlyTHE TEST - this afternoon

    We are working hard on the Fun Fly - Live Stream edition. Because nobody else has done it before, every tiny bit has to be figured out now. Fortunately the plan is getting in ship shape, and we are almost there. Here's the time to try it this afternoon. /
    26 April 2020
  • RCHHUB Krisztian LiveStream.jpg

    Live StreamsSomething is happening

    Perhaps you noticed that we have adhoc live streams - with few technical glitches - in the last couple of weeks and to be honest the content is not updated too often. What's happening now? /
    24 April 2020
  • Charmouth Cancelled Splash.jpg

    CANCELLED: Charmouth Fun-inAssociation of Helicopter Aerosports
    18-19 April 2020

    Charmouth is the longest running funfly in the UK. Run twice a year by the AHA, it is a great opportunity for helicopter pilots from all disciplines and club/sport flyers to get together. See below for more information. /
    09 March 2020
  • Chi Town FunFly.jpg

    Chi - Town RC Heli Fun Fly 2020Chicago, Illinois, United States
    20 June 2020

    This is our 4th year hosting the Fun Fly. Pro and novice pilots are all welcome to fly and have fun. Must have a current AMA card to fly at this event. Hope to see you in the field and let's have fun meeting and greeting old and new friends!!!! /
    23 January 2020
  • Repuljunk Egyutt Fun Fly.jpg

    Let's Fly Together - Fun FlyPecs-Szilagy, Hungary
    30 May 2020

    One day in Southwest Hungary, close to the Austrian, Slovenian and Croatian border. A real fun fly in almost summer weather and amazing mood, topped up with beautiful landscape. /
    23 January 2020
  • 70644452_1336006919891262_3975466444082118656_o.jpg

    Canberra Helifest FunflyAustralia - 15-17 November
    15-17 November 2019

    Sponsored by ZEN RC, The field willbe open for flying from 4pm Thursday 14th. Stay tuned! More details to come soon /
    09 November 2019
  • 69528322_2211231185835447_2104834124534513664_n.jpg

    XLPower FunFly 20195-7 October - Suzhou, China
    4-7 October 2019

    XLPower funfly is a 3D competition and fun fly event near to Shanghai, China. The competition is based on 3DX standards with two classes. /
    30 September 2019
  • BOB logo.png

    BOB - This weekendBlades Over Buckminster

    Only 1 day left until the air gets noisy by rotor blades over the BMFA National Centre in Buckminster. The first attendees have arrived this afternoon, but everything is still quiet there. This has to change on the weekend. /
    29 August 2019
  • Farnham Funfly 2019 080.JPG

    Farnham Fun FlyFarnham Model Helicopter Club

    We just popped in sadly, because of other to dos. But we have got a nice selection of photos even in this short time. Thanks to Farnham Model Helicopter Club for the invitation. /
    29 June 2019
  • Charmouth Funfly.jpg

    Charmouth Fun FlyAssociation of Helicopter Aerosports
    6-7 April 2019

    Charmouth is the longest running funfly in the UK. Run twice a year by the AHA, it is a great opportunity for helicopter pilots from all disciplines and club/sport flyers to get together. See below for more information. /
    01 April 2019
  • IMG_9556.JPG

    Pre-season Indoor FunflyNortholt - London

    The Pre-season Indoor Funfly was held in Northolt yesterday, which has launched this year's season officially. We have created a picture selection taken there. /
    17 February 2019
  • gummersbach.jpg

    FunFly in Gummersbach with SimoneVLOG by Simone Zunterer

    This video made by Simone. There's a short summary, then Simone's performance from Gummersbach, Germany, last weekend. /
    05 September 2018
  • WHFC.jpg

    White Horse Flying Club Fun Fly 2018Ooops.. We just got informed...
    13-15 July 2018

    White Horse Flying Club in Westbury will hold the annual fun fly event this weekend. This event is located not too far from Bristol, about 90 minutes driving from London (okay, M25 at M4 junction). Come and let's see, what's happening there. /
    12 July 2018