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  • Furtivos 22.jpg

    Furtivos Funfly 2022Barcelona, Spain
    28-29 May 2022

    After two missed years, Furtivos is back. 28-29 May in Spain, Barcelona.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    11 March 2022
  • Furtivos Postponed Splash.jpg

    POSTPONED: Furtivos 2020Barcelona, Spain
    30-31 May 2020

    Furstivos in 2020 again. After the last very succesful year, the Spanish event is back. Save the date: 30-31 May.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    27 January 2020
  • 3d furtivos video.JPG

    3D Furtivos 2019 aerial video summaryA video by Xavier Torradas

    A nice video summary about the 3D Furtivos from bird's-eye view. The video shows really how nice is the place where these lucky pilots were flying last weekend, and how great 3D Furtivos was.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    21 May 2019
  • 3D Furtivos 2019 010.jpg

    Amazing weekend at 3D Furtivos 2019 Event in Spain deserves a shout-out

    No doubt, 3D Furtivos 2019 was the loudest event on the online platforms recently and not with no reasons. It was a great event from more point of views and everyone skipping it this year has to schedule the weekend in Spain next year.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    20 May 2019
  • 3D Fuvitos 2019.jpg

    3D Furtivos 2019Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain
    18-19 May 2019

    Probably one of the biggest events in Spain. The 7th 3D Furtivos will be held near to Barcelona in Spain. A fantastic weekend with many flights and programs with Spanish temperament.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    08 May 2019