Rebels Fun Fly
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  • Rebels Fun Fly 2020 cancelled.jpg

    CANCELLED: Rebels Fun Fly 2020Newcastle, NSW, Australia
    1-3 May 2020

    The famous Rebels Fun Fly this year again in Newcastle. And Current Global 3D World Champion and Mikado Pro Pilot Sakkarin 'CD' Kongthon is coming to Rebels Fun Fly 2020! /
    09 March 2020
  • rebels fun fly video summary.jpg

    Rebels Fun Fly 2019Most memorable moments from Newcastle, Australia

    A short video summary about the most memorable moments of Rebels Fun Fly 2019 in Australia. Watch it, just to know, what you skipped it, if you weren't there. /
    06 June 2019
  • Rebels Fun Fly 2019

    Rebels Fun Fly 2019Great weekend in Australia

    The famous Rebels Fun Fly was held last weekend in Newcastle, Australia. And it was even longer than the weekend as it started on Wednesday with the Align Academy run by Alan Szabo Jnr, Danny Szabo and Gale Align. There were many pilots, among others few known ones as well. /
    08 May 2019