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  • Helidays-Enghien 2020 intro.jpg

    Helidays-Enghien 2020Enghien, Belgium
    30-31 May 2020

    This is the 10th Helidays in Enghien, so this year there is a SPECIAL event: ONLY SCALE MODELS!
    05 February 2020
  • F3C Compettition Haaltert, Belgium

    F3C competition in BelgiumFirst place goes to Germany

    The next episode of F3C competitions series in Europe was at the Little Wings airfield in Haaltert, Belgium on 11-12th of May. German and British pilots dominated the top places, the hosts could finish the competition at the 10th place.
    20 May 2019
  • IRCHA Jamboree 2018

    What's on the weekendEvents around the world

    This week including the weekend is really busy in terms of events. The most important is the IRCHA Jamboree in the United States not too far from Indianapolis in Indiana. Then there is the F3C Euro Heli Series Denmark round in Aabenraa which follows the UK round finished prematurely last weekend. And if this is still not enough, there is the Helidays Battice in Herve, Belgium.
    03 August 2018