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  • XLPower Specter V2 NME Nitro

    Nitro version of Specter V2 NME to arrive

    XLPower announced earlier that their next release will be the XLPower Specter V2 NME in Nitro version. With the latest announcement couple pictures were also published. And two more important things got mentioned as well.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    31 January 2023
  • XLPower Spectro Prototype Hamish Scott.jpg

    Hamish Scott and the Spectro PrototypeHeli Heatwave Australia

    Hamish is presenting the Spectro prototype at Heli Heatwave in Australia, which is taken in place right now. This is a unique Nitro conversion of XLPower Specter helicopter designed and built by Geoff Chopsy. More details to follow...

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    06 March 2020
  • xlpower f3c.jpg

    XLPower F3C 2nd TestPlanned release in first half of 2019

    This is the second test flight of the brand new XLPower F3C version.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    13 December 2018
  • Specter over the pond.PNG (1)

    Specter 700 by Antonio Gomez RosadoAnother heli over the pond

    Antonio has uploaded this video about his Specter 700 over the pond. It's bad to imagine what if the heli smacked into the water. How could could it be?

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    05 December 2018
  • Neil Bedwell and Harnish Morley.jpg

    Align-TRex Models team expands againNeil Bedwell and Harnish Morley join to the team

    Align-TRex Models announced yesterday on their Facebook page, two pilots are joining to the company's team. Both pilots will represent Align-TRex models but different brands.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    30 July 2018
  • sposnserd by atr.png

    Heliwood to be sponsored by Align-TRex ModelsXLPower Specter demo is on its way to Heliwood

    Just announced that Align-TRex Models will be official sponsor of Heliwood 2018. The British company is distributor of XLPower Specter helicopters in Europe now, the company will represent XLPower and these lovely helicopters at Heliwood.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    19 July 2018
  • xlpower logo.png

    XLPower Specter seriesHelicopters of the year

    Probably it's not an exaggeration to declare: this is the year of XLPower. The company came, saw and conquered. It came from nowhere, just exploded in our world with these helicopters and defeats all big brands. Or it takes a big slice of the RC helicopters' cake at least. But why and how?

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    16 July 2018
  • 20180130013183178317.jpg

    XLPower Specter 700Electric helicopter kit

    The Specter 700 is the biggest model of XLPower. Made of durable but lightweight materials, like titanium, carbon fiber, aluminium. The mainshaft is wider than usual main shafts in this size, its diameter is 15 mm.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    20 June 2018