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11 July 2020

This is why you choose a helicopter over a drone
Real pilots fly helicopters

Nowadays the drones rule the RC flying market. But why you will choose a heli instead of a drone? Because the courage will motivate you. Brave people fly things which cannot fly by their nature. These are the helicopters.

This is why you choose a helicopter over a drone

You want to make aerial videos? Go and have a drone. You want to be cheated thinking that you are flying? Go and have a drone. A drone can be flown by almost everyone. But an RC helicopter is a different world. If you can fly an RC helicopter, you can fly everything. RC helicopters are the hardest and nicest format of remote controlled flights.

RC helicopters are like their big sisters the full scale helicopters. They cannot fly just they don't know about that. By their nature they are unable to fly on their own, pilots have to force them to remain in the air. Lift off an airplane, put it on a straight course and release everything. It will fly as long as the fuel lasts. Lift off a drone, release everything and it remains in position as long as the battery lasts. Then lift off a helicopter and release everything... and brace yourself to a crash.

When you are flying an RC helicopter, you control her as a whole, you tell her what to do. And it can fly in all directions, even upside-down. Not just forward, not just on landing gears facing down, anyway you want. Seemingly she does not give a sh...t to the physics. And what it does is a miracle. Poor Sir Isaac would cry seeing an RC helicopter, because all his laws are thrown in a bin.

Flying an RC helicopter is just as good as the best weed or even better, switches your brain off, you focus on the model and yourself. Everything else is less important momentary. The adrenaline smashes your body whilst you fly your first inverted, or even in the first take off. Knees like a wobbly jelly, it cannot be compared to anything else.

Later on, when you know the basics, you can fly calm, but when you want your adrenaline dose, you fly something more complicated. When you want peace, you go to the middle of nowhere and you fly for yourself only. Then when you need a good company, you go to your flying field to meet similar mentally ill people like yourself and you will talk about gains, expos, full of nonsense, whilst you all are flying for each other and yourselves.

There is no level when you cannot learn more. When you fly a drone, once you've learnt how to fly it, it is done. Nothing more in it. When you are flying an airplane, most likely there is a point when you can put one more roll in it, but not that much left. With an RC helicopter? There is one more pirouette, there is one more cyclic control always which can go in a manoeuvre making a brand new, even more complicated one. Then takes weeks for others to learn it. 

RC helicopter flying never ever gets boring. And it does not require altitude, big space or anything - depending on the size of your heli. When you fly a drone, you want to go up high and far away. When you fly a heli, you want to stay as close to the ground as you can. RC helicopters are the least dangerous UAVs to the manned aircrafts. They don't go far and they don't go high.

Later, when you have children, there is something unique which can be taught to them.

Teach your children to love flying and they will never have enough money for drugs.