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    This is why you choose a helicopter over a droneReal pilots fly helicopters

    Nowadays the drones rule the RC flying market. But why you will choose a heli instead of a drone? Because the courage will motivate you. Brave people fly things which cannot fly by their nature. These are the helicopters. /
    11 July 2020
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    10 mistakes that beginners usually makeNot to do list for beginner RC helicopter pilots

    We all were beginners once, and many of us made mistakes. Let's see what not to do at the very beginning. Learn from others' mistakes. /
    10 July 2020
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    Model Flying AssociationsAnd related organisations - WHERE TO ASK

    This is a collection of associations, main clubs, organisations country by country, where you can get more information about the local regulations and obligations of model flying. /
    27 November 2019
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    How to do - The first stepsAll you need to know briefly

    How to start RC helicopter flying? What to know? What to be aware of? All these questions will be answered here. Because time is money - and we have neither time nor money - we keep it short. /
    26 November 2019
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    RC helicopter for ChristmasDos and don'ts

    This article is for ordinary people rather than future or actual RC heli flyers. This is for those, who are not so lucky, and need to surprise their beloved ones who actually love helicopters. Yes, this article is for people who have no idea, how, what and where to buy or what should be skipped. /
    22 November 2019
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    Little Tikes My First FlyerCoaxial helicopter for little ones

    This is also a helicopter however it's an extraordinary one. Because there's the question: "Okay, I fly, but what to give the kid?". Thanks to Little Tikes there's an answer even in the youngest ages: My First Flyer.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    07 September 2018