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  • AH-1slantlow_anglew.jpg

    Scale FuselageUser manuals /
    12 November 2019
  • Farnham Funfly 2019 004 MI-24.JPG

    Mil Mi-24V over FarnhamRussian Hind in the United Kingdom

    This video was recorded in the summer at the Farnham Model Helicopter Club, just we had no time to cut and upload it. Here we go, this beautiful Mil Mi-24V is flying in the United Kingdom. The Russian Hind (or Crocodile, this is how it's called in Russia) )is really rare in the UK, it's almost impossible to see them in full scale, but it's flying in 600 class by George Stephenson. /
    01 November 2019
  • Farnham Funfly 2019 080.JPG

    Farnham Fun FlyFarnham Model Helicopter Club

    We just popped in sadly, because of other to dos. But we have got a nice selection of photos even in this short time. Thanks to Farnham Model Helicopter Club for the invitation. /
    29 June 2019
  • CH-113.jpg

    Scale Giants at Rotor Live 2019Three jaw dropping scale helicopters

    The Alterbaum EC-145 by Bernst Pöting, the Helifishers Bell 47 and the CH-113 Labrador by Heiko Fisher are flying in Iffezheim at Rotor Live 2019. None of the videos can give the feeling back how amazing they are in real life. /
    13 March 2019
  • mi2thumb.jpg

    Flying hoplite - in electric scale modelBy RC Media World

    A breath taking helicoptermodel, a Mil Mi-2 electric scale machine can be seen in this video. It's amazing indeed. /
    26 November 2018
  • Pöting Turbinen Meeting - Brilliant Pictures - 16.jpg

    17. Pöting Turbinen MeetingAmazing photos from Brilliant Pictures Photography again.

    Thanks to Miachel Laskus at Brilliant Pictures Photography again. We just received this brilliant album (literally and figuratively) about 17th Pöting Turbine Meeting from German. This is a traditional meeting of jet powered RC helicopters, where beautiful and huge RC helicopters turn up. Enjoy the album. /
    14 June 2018
  • FL9Q3703_small.jpg

    Vario Open DayGräfendorf, Germany

    Vario was holding its open day on 12th May. A selection of pictures taken about the event has just published on the facebook page of Brilliant Pictures Photography who took them, and we have got this entire album from. We would like to say thank you again. Both pictures and Vario scale helicopters are extraordinary quality. /
    05 June 2018