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  • Heliwood 2021 - photos

    Heliwood 2021 - photos

    The Heliwood organised by EMH SE in association with City Council of Halászletek and the Civil Guard Assembly took place last weekend in Halásztelek. There were many programmes next to the RC helicopters: like RC tanks, sightseeing flights and the Heliwood Rock. Despite that the two day long event was still organised under the COVID regulations, there were many visitors and pilots. This is our photo selection from the weekend.

  • EMH Fun Fly Pásztori 2021

    EMH Fun Fly Pásztori 2021

    A video summary of the EMH Fun Fly taken place in Pásztori at the model airfield of Pásztori RC Heli Team. This weekend was about a fun fly, a competition and about RC helis again.

  • Helialarm X 2021

    Helialarm X 2021Video summary by Maximilian Zick

    This is a short memory of the Helialarm X event in Marburg in Germany. Unfortunately i didn't have enough time for anything longer and better color grading. I hope you enjoy!

  • SRCM EMH Fun Fly

    SRCM EMH Fun FlyPhotos

    The SRCM EMH Fun Fly was taken place on 1st May by SRCM and EMH SE in cooperation at the airfield next to Győr in Hungary. The weather was wonderful and the turnout was not negligible either. We selected few photos from the event here,

  • Soxos Strike 7 at Cajun Heli Fest

    Soxos Strike 7 at Cajun Heli FestPilot: JC Zankl

    The Cajun Heli Fest was held at the RAMS Field, United States last weekend. This video was recorded there in the night, when JC was flying the soXos Strike 7. The flight is beautiful and perfectly built up with few near miss moments, because he pushed it hard, Just wait till the end.

  • XLPower 550 Nitro

    XLPower 550 NitroFirst test flights

    XLPower 550 Nitro? Yes, this is reality, although not an official XLPower product. This is a private project popped up on Youtube. This video introduces the heli in detail, how it's built and converted from a standard XLPower 550. The last autorotation landing is not the best, fortunately only servo horns and a landing skid suffer damages.

  • Rhys Wyatt: Align T-Rex 650X

    Rhys Wyatt: Align T-Rex 650XHeli Heatwave, Australia

    The Heli Heatwave was taken in place last weekend in Australia, this is one of the big events there. Rhys Wyatt, the young pilot of Team Align is flying an absolutely amazing demo with this T-Rex 650.

  • Dubai Masters 2021

    Dubai Masters 2021 VLog by Aaron Wolf

    A good review about the event in Dubai by Aaron Wolf. It is a good summary of the preparations, about the event itself and how it felt being there.

  • Dunkan Bossion at Dubai Masters 2021

    Dunkan Bossion at Dubai Masters 2021Freestyle

    A short clip of this flight was published recently, and now this is how the entire show was presented by Dunkan in Dubai last weekend. And this was the first time when the brand new SAB Goblin Raw was competing at an international event first time Video credit: Abdulla Rais.

  • Kyle Dahl at Dubai Masters 2021

    Kyle Dahl at Dubai Masters 2021Freestyle

    Kyle Dahl presents the Mikado Logo 700 in Dubai. Kyle was flying the biggest space across among the top pilots for sure, and his show was amazing indeed. The landing deserves an extra applause, even though this was not perhaps how it was planned exactly. Credit: Abdulla Rais.

  • Mirko Cesena at Dubai Masters 2021

    Mirko Cesena at Dubai Masters 2021Freestyle

    Mirko is flying his freestyle round at the Dubai Masters 2021. As known he won the competition with Mikado in Dubai recently and this is the reason, why. Enjoy. Credit: Abdulla Rais.

  • Video summary of SRCM Heliday

    Video summary of SRCM HelidayA great Sunday with few pilots

    This video was created to illustrate the feeling at SRCM Heliday in Hungary recently. Due to the COVID restrictions this unofficial event was not widely promoted, only few pilots came together to enjoy the first spring weather of the year near to city of Győr.

  • Dunkan Bossion's smacks the Goblin Raw

    Dunkan Bossion's smacks the Goblin RawDubai Masters 2021

    This video was recorded at Dubai Masters 2021. Dunkan Bossion presents what the SAB Goblin Raw can fly in smacking by him. It is a real jaw-dropping performance.

  • Align T-Rex 700X - factory model

    Align T-Rex 700X - factory modelPilot: Alan Szabo Jr.

    The professor enjoys his Align T-Rex 700X in this video. Absolutely precise flight which made even more interesting with this moderate head speed, namely 2250 RPM provided by the almost factory default model. The only difference is the FBL controller everything else comes out of the box.

  • Thunder Tiger Raptor G4

    Thunder Tiger Raptor G4Pilot: Guy Mazliach - Israel

    This video was recorded by Erez Hochma in Israel recently. Although the second half of the flight is filmed, it deserves a watch, because the Raptor G4 is not so typical nowadays. Back in the time the company manufacturing this model, the Thunder Tiger was one of the biggest competitors of the Align ruling the market, and this video and the pilot Guy Mazliach demonstrates, why.

  • SRCM Heliday

    SRCM HelidayFly-in day in Hungary

    Couple of pilots came together at the SRCM airfield next to city of Győr last weekend. This was the first acceptable weekend in terms of the weather, so a quickly organised meet-up was held there. We had a couple of memorable flights, and a good company with very few people. We put a small gallery together here about the day.

  • SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro at Torchs

    SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro at TorchsPilot: Kyle Stacy

    Not so many events have been held this year, the Torchs Winter Bash is one of these few. Patrick Mauck sent us this video. Kyle Stacy present the SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro in action. Nice nitro flight in Kyle's style.

  • Heli Fun Fly

    Heli Fun FlyMeidl Airport, Fertőszentmiklós, Hungary

    The Heli Fun Fly has been taken in place on 23rd October, 2020 at Meidl Airport in Fertőszentmiklós, Hungary. Despite the foggy, soaky humid weather numerous people turned up and created a very good mood there.

  • Heliwood 2020

    Heliwood 2020Summary video about the event

    This short video is a mood report from Heliwood 2020. Of course many things happened there, but the essence of the event is well presented.

  • Video summary of Blades over Győr

    Video summary of Blades over GyőrFantastic event in Hungary

    The Blades over Győr was taken in place in Hungary last weekend. Many pilots turned up at the venue amid the consolidating pandemic situation, what is not a surprise, because the event location is a fantastic place, the weather was sort of nice, and the pilots are having withdrawal symptoms of these events this year. Pilots from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary attended the event. This is the summary of the SRCM - Sokoró R/C Modell KSE uploaded by Nyünnye Légi Földi Video.