Futaba T8FG
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    Futaba T8FG: how to kill it irrepairablyI could manage it

    I'm an old Futaba user, and I have never tought, I will blame myself because of it once. It happened to me, I've lost a transmitter from a day to another one due to a silly error.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    13 February 2019
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    How to set up your simulatorPhoenix RC with Futaba transmitter

    You decided to start the hobby, you want to learn. You were told to pracice in simulator first. Weren't you? Then I tell you now: practice in simulator first. I'll show you how I set everything up for practicing in Phoenix RC with a Futaba transmitter. But don't worry if you have different transmitter with different simulator, the principal is the same, just the ways to achieve can be different.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    04 August 2018