Winter Heli-Pitch
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    The big 300 class purgeWinter Heli-Pitch 2020

    And finally, we have got the video from Maximilian Zick about the 300 class purge at Winter Heli-Pitch 2020 in Austria. Colourful smoke, 300 class helis in the air flying together, then few of them crashing... But three survived it. /
    07 February 2020
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    Winter Heli-Pitch 2020The best possible weekend in February

    Last weekend, on 1st of February the Winter Heli-Pitch event took in place at the MFSU Treubach in Austria. At first it looked like it was going to rain, but in the morning of the event the sun was shining and the thermometer was rising constantly.

    Maximilian Zick
    04 February 2020
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    Winter Heli-Pitch 2020Video summary by David Gerster

    This is an amazing video summary about the Winter Heli-Pitch 2020 in Austria, which was taken in place last Saturday. There are very memorable moments, lovely people, great helicopters, few spectacular crashes, and well... spring weather in early February. /
    03 February 2020
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    Winter Heli-Pitch 2020Treubach, Lindlau, Austria
    1 February 2020

    The first winter edition of the legendary Heli-Pitch by MFSU-Treubach. Rain-day: 8th of Feb. /
    28 January 2020