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23/09/2023 22:05:37

RAM 2023 - Rotor Asia Masters began

The Rotor Asia Masters is taking place between 22 and 25 September, in Chengdu, China with 77 nominated pilots.

23/09/2023 21:59:00

OMP Hobby M4 Max announced

OMP Hobby announced a larger version of the current M4, which is the OMP Hobby M4 Max. This model is a 420 size version of the current M4 helicopter.

21/09/2023 17:43:02

OMP Hobby M7 - 700 class model announed

The guess was right: OMP Hobby will release a 700 size model, the OMP Hobby M7 soon - Jonas Wackershauser posted on Facebook.

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Further News

  • SAB Goblin Mavraken 800 5777.jpg

    SAB Goblin Mavraken 800

    Yes, it's real - an 800 size SAB Goblin helicopter, which hasn't been heard of before. This helicopter is crazy, mad and many will be surprised about the story behind the model. /
    26 September 2023
  • Goosky S1 Legend

    This is the Goosky S1 Legend

    She arrived in some stores today, but Goosky's newest model, the S1 Legend, will definitely be available in most stores this week. These are our experiences so far with this very small helicopter. /
    18 September 2023
  • Global 3D 2023 005.jpg

    Global 3D starts tomorrow

    The famous Global 3D, one of the world's most important contest will begin tomorrow morning. As usual, tension is high, expectations are even higher. This is what to know so far. /
    29 June 2023
  • Helifest UK 2023 084517.jpg

    This was the Helifest

    Helifest took place last weekend in Weston Park with Weston Park Model Air Show as usual. And it was how this major event of the UK was supposed to be. /
    22 June 2023
  • helifest preparation.jpg

    Helifest opens this Friday

    The famous Helifest in the United Kingdom will be taken place this weekend. Preparations for the event are already happening. Not to forget Helifest is celebrating the 10 years anniversary now. This is what to expect this year. /
    12 June 2023
  • Global 3D 2019 Sunday 132.JPG

    CD is not well - CD's family needs your help

    As it's been reported yesterday, Sakkarin Konghton, as we all know him: CD is now hospitalised, and he is seriously ill. And now his family needs your help. /
    10 May 2023
  • VBar Control Evo copy.jpg

    Connection issues with the new VBar Evo

    The latest model of the VBar Control series was released recently. Since then this is the second detected issue, although this one is far less critical then the previous one, which required immediate intervention from Micado. /
    16 April 2023
  • RH70N36XT RH70N31XT  Align TN70.jpg

    Prices and details of Align TN70 published

    The new Align TN70 is unquestionably coming, and it's coming in more versions like the previous release the TB70. The Align Corp. published the accessory list of the combo version and the retail prices of the new TN70 versions in their most recent posts. /
    14 April 2023
  • ALign TB60 montage copy.jpg

    Align TB60 about to take off

    The status update about the TB60 was published by Align just minutes ago. The next model of the Align TB series is on the home stretch, it's being assembled right now in Taiwan. /
    12 April 2023
  • Theta USA copy.jpg

    BK Designs launches Theta USA

    BK Designs officially launched the Theta USA, the new distributor of Theta products manufactured by Shenzhen Yifengze Industrial Co., LTD in the United States - reported by BK Hobbies. The new distributor will serve RC dealers in the States which includes other RC forms along helicopters. /
    07 April 2023
  • 7th annyversary RB1-RC.jpg

    RB1-RC celebrates seventh anniversary

    RB1-RC is now 7 years old. The Spanish company is one of the key companies in the EU, especially with SoXos and 1st products. They do a lot for supporting the hobby and to keep it alive. /
    07 April 2023
  • Rotor Live 2023 Sun 5377.JPG

    Specter 700 Nitro released

    The new Specter 700 Nitro is now released at XLPower. The company officially started shipping the new model which was presented at Rotor Live. The model will be available at the retailers in the next following days. /
    01 April 2023
  • Scam Alert.jpg

    Scammers try to fool Goblin users

    Bert Kammerer warns of scam. A website looking legitimate offers spare parts and even SAB Goblin kits on prices which look very nice, but Bert Kammerer warns everybody not to fall in this trap. /
    27 March 2023
  • NiTron 90 Rotor Live.jpg

    Tronhelicopters publish NiTron 90 specification

    The NiTron 90 was presented at Rotor Live 2023, it was obvious there, the helicopter is ready to go, and we were informed, the helicopter will be released by end of March, but there were no public specification at that time. /
    27 March 2023
  • Align TB40.jpg

    This is the next TB model from Align

    One more size is added to the TB series at Align, the mid-size range is targeted this time. Yes, a model to compete in the 380-400 class, a 400 size model is the next Align TB model. The Align TB40 just announced. /
    27 March 2023
  • Dubai Masters 2023 podium.jpg

    Dubai Masters 2023 final results

    Dubai Masters 2023 is now over, the competition finished, final results were born. the top five of Saturday got into the final: Kenny Ko, Nick Maxwell, Kan Ponnooi, CD and Peter Hsiao. /
    19 March 2023
  • Duba Masters Finalists.jpg

    Dubai Masters 2023 - Saturday results

    Dubai Masters is happening now, throughout this weekend. And Saturday is over. The competition is exciting, current results are really surprising. /
    18 March 2023
  • Align TB60.jpg

    Align TB60 - the successor of the 600?

    It was some sort of expected, Align won't stop with the new TB line at the 700 class, but nobody expected that the next model will be announced within this short time, just weeks after the nitro version of TB70, the TN70. And yet, the next model is just announced. /
    17 March 2023
  • Mikado GLogo 690.jpg

    Kyle Dahl's announcement about GLogo

    This is real customer care. As key spare parts of Mikado GLogo 690 ran out of stock, and it's not seem when they will be be available again, if they will be back at, all Kyle decided to manage the situation to keep these models working. His announcement without any changes. /
    03 March 2023
  • midland app.jpg

    Midland Helicopters release a mobile app

    Perhaps Midland Helicopters is the first company in the hobby releasing mobile application for the shopping. The new mobile application is available on iPhone and Android as well. /
    03 March 2023