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    Four dead, three critical after horror helicopter collision near Sea Worldnews.com.au

    Two helicopters have collided and then crashed into the Broadwater off Sea World on the Gold Coast. The pilot who lost his life after a collision between two Sea World tour helicopters on the Gold Coast on Monday has been identified as Ashley Jenkinson, a respected figure in the aviation industry.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    02 January 2023
  • CAA uturn on c markings.jpg

    CAA U-Turn on C1 Labels

    A hugely disappointing announcement from the UK's Civil Aviation Authority as it changes the rules at the last minute to specifically ignore the new EASA numeric classifications and relegate ALL larger drones to open countryside only, even if they have the new EASA C1 label.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    26 November 2022
  • kamov26 HA-MPT.jpg

    Not a model: Kamov KA-26 demo

    This video is published by aerosport.hu and it was recorded at Budaörs Airshow 2022 earlier in August, this year. The HA-MPT Kamov KA-26 is still a working and used agricultural helicopter despite to its age. This spectacular demo flight presents its manoeuvrability and capabilities, even though the helicopter has two star engines instead of the commonly used jet turbines. These engines are producing its classical whistling sound.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    26 November 2022
  • BMFA logo.jpg

    CAA set to increase operator registration feeBritish Model Flying Association

    The CAA have recently published their Scheme of Charges for the 2022/23 financial year, which states that the fee to register with them as an 'Operator' of an unmanned aircraft will be increasing to £10 per year (from the current £9).

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    22 March 2022
  • 2020-870x510.jpg

    2020 – The Year of Gasser Helicopter!BLACKOUTMODS.COM

    Hello Gasser Lovers. Our small Community decided that the year 2020 will be the Gassers Year! I can not be more happy about that and to be honnest i feel a bit responsible for this act.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    17 January 2020
  • Crashed UH1 VH-OXI 001.jpg

    UH-1 crashes in Australia during fire fightingScrambe Magazine

    On 7 December 2019, a New South Wales (NSW, Australia) UH-1H Huey waterbomber, owned by OAS Parts LLC but operated by Rural Fire Service / Touchdown Helicopters crashed during a fire fighting mission. The sole pilot survived the incident without any injuries.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    10 December 2019
  • HuAF Airbus H145M arrival 017.jpg

    The first two Airbus H145M arrive to the HuAFHungary introduces Airbus helicopters beside the Mil fleet

    LHSN.HU reported: Hungary purchased twenty brand new Airbus H-145M light multi purpose utility helicopters to extend the existing Mil Mi-8/17 fleet. The expansion is part of the Zrínyi 2026 defence and army development programme.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    19 November 2019
  • Illustration, a test version of the Mi-28NM Havoc

    Mil and Kamov in one companyTwo russian helicopter giants to be in union

    The Russian Helicopters holding merge the two oldest - and probably most famous - helicopter company into a single one. The new company will be Nattional Helicopter development Centre - NHC.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    16 October 2019
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    The Cobra of Flying Bulls might return only next yearAirshowinfo.hu

    On the 25th of May, 2017 the TAH-1F Cobra helicopter of the Flying Bulls crashed in Tyrol. The helicopter touched a building at Reutte-Höfen (Reutte district) , then fell to the ground. Since that incident we knew little about the helicopter, but this month its appeared in the current schedule of the team, with a plan that the helicopter might be able to participate on AirPower 2019.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    27 March 2019
  • chamonix rescue.jpg

    Rescue in French Apls, ChamonixThe famous manoeuvre by French Gendarmerie EC145

    As it was seen in the news just this is in longer edition, when the French gendarmerie EC145 has rescued a skier with knee injuries whilst landed by one skid partially on the snow covered slope. This was reuired due to quickly changing weather conditions.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    14 January 2019
  • Fenestron.jpg

    Fenestron is 50 years oldCollective Magazine

    50 years old, and the Fenestron doesn’t look a day over 20 😉 Perfect Airbus H145 shot by @helicotter on Instagram

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    21 June 2018