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    Live-hobby stops delivering to many EU countriesNo end user orders served by the company

    19 EU member states on the list of the countries where delivery from is no longer available to end users. Only retailers can continue ordering from the German shop. As it is whispered this is due to the VAT changes from 1 July in the European Union. /
    06 July 2021
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    New XLPower distributor in the EU XLPower has got a strong coverage in Europe

    A new online shop representing XLPower distribution just launched in the European Union. This shop delivers everywhere in the EU offering more delivery method and only couple of days to deliver XLPower spare parts and kits. /
    11 March 2021
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    The UK leaves the EUHow orders affected?

    In a final rush the United Kingdom made a deal with the European Union as late as Christmas Eve, just days before the transition period has ended - this is known by everyone. But how this affects an order from the UK to an EU country? /
    01 January 2021
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    UAV rules approved by European ParliamentNothing is final yet – but almost done

    EU-wide rules have been approved by the European Parliament on Tuesday with 558 votes in favour, 71 against votes and 48 abstentions were given. This was the next step of the lifecycle of UAV rules in the legislation process. The EU ministers will approve (or refuse) these rules in the following step. Then the final proposal modified by ministers has to be backed again by Brussels. According to this process the new rules can enter in force by next year earliest. /
    14 June 2018