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    BOB - Blades over BuckminsterBMFA National Centre, UK
    28-30 July 2023

    The famous BoB in July again. As usual: at the BMFA National Centre in Sewstern. Fun fly throughout the weekend. /
    02 June 2023
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    BOB - Blades over BuckimnsterBMFA Buckminster National centre, United Kingdom
    5-7 August 2022

    The famous BOB is back. Three days for the helicopters in the beautiful English landscape. An unmissable event with many good friends. /
    11 March 2022
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    BOB - Blades Over BuckminsterBMFA National Centre, Buckminster, United Kingdom
    21-23 August 2020

    Are you BOB? If you are, then you will be at the BMFA National centre during the Blades Over Buckminster. A weekend of fun and helicopter and multi-rotor flying. Camping and caravanning available. /
    13 July 2020
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    BOB - Blades Over BuckminsterFun fly as family activity

    BOB - Blades Over Buckminster: a little bit different from other fun fly events as this time everything was more about families rather than just about the pilots. But thanks to BMFA even passing the tests was possible throughout the weekend. /
    02 September 2019
  • BOB 2019 Day 0 033.jpg

    Day 1 at BOBBlades Over Buckminster pictures

    BOB is happening now and this weekend. The first day was nice and more or less sunny with many flights. And even the first A test got passed at the BMFA National Centre. This is a photo selection about the Friday in Buckminster by Alan Robinson.

    Alan Robinson
    30 August 2019
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    BOB - This weekendBlades Over Buckminster

    Only 1 day left until the air gets noisy by rotor blades over the BMFA National Centre in Buckminster. The first attendees have arrived this afternoon, but everything is still quiet there. This has to change on the weekend. /
    29 August 2019
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    BOB - Blades Over BuckminsterBMFA National centre
    30 August - 1 September, 2019

    A weekend of relaxed rotor craft flying. Helicopters and multi-rotors all welcome. /
    31 July 2019