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  • SRCM EMH Fun Fly 2021 153.JPG

    SRCM EMH Fun FlyPhotos

    The SRCM EMH Fun Fly was taken place on 1st May by SRCM and EMH SE in cooperation at the airfield next to Győr in Hungary. The weather was wonderful and the turnout was not negligible either. We selected few photos from the event here, /
    02 May 2021
  • SRCM Heliday Video.jpg

    Video summary of SRCM HelidayA great Sunday with few pilots

    This video was created to illustrate the feeling at SRCM Heliday in Hungary recently. Due to the COVID restrictions this unofficial event was not widely promoted, only few pilots came together to enjoy the first spring weather of the year near to city of Győr. /
    27 February 2021
  • SRCM Heliday 001.jpg

    SRCM HelidayFly-in day in Hungary

    Couple of pilots came together at the SRCM airfield next to city of Győr last weekend. This was the first acceptable weekend in terms of the weather, so a quickly organised meet-up was held there. We had a couple of memorable flights, and a good company with very few people. We put a small gallery together here about the day. /
    22 February 2021
  • Blades Over Györ video.jpg

    Video summary of Blades over GyőrFantastic event in Hungary

    The Blades over Győr was taken in place in Hungary last weekend. Many pilots turned up at the venue amid the consolidating pandemic situation, what is not a surprise, because the event location is a fantastic place, the weather was sort of nice, and the pilots are having withdrawal symptoms of these events this year. Pilots from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary attended the event. This is the summary of the SRCM - Sokoró R/C Modell KSE uploaded by Nyünnye Légi Földi Video. /
    13 July 2020
  • Blades over Gyor.jpg

    Blades over GyörHelicopter fun fly
    11 July 2020

    All RC heli pilots and spectators welcome at the SRCM airfield. Two flight stations, charging station (12-24V and 230V), well equipped clubhouse for the maintenance, toilet, fridge, microwave, coffee machine and camping site. The flight line is equipped with safety fence. /
    02 July 2020
  • Jetmodell meetup cancelled.jpg

    CANCELLED: SRCM Jet meetingGyőr-Sokoró, Hungary
    6-7 June 2020

    7th jet model meeting in Hungary. Jet models, airplanes, gliders, helicopters - including scale ones. /
    28 January 2020
  • SRCM Frozen Blades 035.jpg

    Frozen Blades – end season fun flySRCM airfield, tea, greasy bread and many-many flights

    One month after the end season fun fly of Halásztelek and its neighbourhood RC Helicopter Group the Sokoró RCM - organised by Krisztián Nagy - invited the interested pilots to an end season fun fly.

    Horváth, Miklós
    23 November 2019
  • SRCM Sokoro RC Modell 008.jpg

    SRCM - Sokoró R/C Modell KSEWith one of the best Hungarian airfields

    The Sokoró RC Modellers Non-profit Association (SRCM) is a small team, but they are even more determined. The association was founded in April 2007, it has 45 members today.

    Horváth, Miklós
    08 November 2019