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  • Duxford Imperial War Museum Remembrance Day 021.JPG

    Remembrance Day in DuxfordImperial War Museum tour

    We have been in Duxford, at the Imperial War Museum, on the Remembrance day. This is our photo gallery about the museum, and the day as well. It has been a special day, this is why we could see the test Concorde inside as well, which is not open for the public on ordinary days. /
    18 November 2019
  • ManiaX Factory Tour Open image.jpg

    ManiaX: where the batteries madeFactory tour by Filip Ban

    Filip Ban has published few pictures about the factory where the ManiaX batteries made. These photos show the details, how the cells are made, how perfect the entire process is. /
    07 November 2019
  • Heliwood 2019 Schweizer 300 017.JPG

    A Schweizer 300 arrives to HeliwoodPilot: Attila Miklós

    Heliwood hosted even a full size helicopter. This was the Schweizer 300 piloted by Attila Miklós. The helicopter presented a short demo, then landed at Heliwood, where all the pilots and visitors could get closer the the real helicopter flying. /
    20 August 2019
  • Full Pitch Fun Fly 2019 030.JPG

    Full Pitch Fun FlyIn pictures - as we eperienced it

    We have written a summary of the event before. Here is our selection of the photos taken at the great event organised by Rob Bingham and his team. This is how we have seen and experienced one of the greatest events. /
    16 July 2019
  • Helifest 2019 Sunday 017.jpg

    Helifest 2019and Weston Park Model Air Show - Sunday Photos

    Sunday, the last day of Helifest 2019 was the sunniest day, but it was really gusty. That's why many crashes happened. However this was the first and only day, when it was possible to take better photos than in the previous days - except in the tents, where everything got yellowish, so the Mexican style sepia effect is not intentional... /
    21 June 2019
  • Helifest 2019 Saturday 014.jpg

    Helifest 2019Photos from Saturday

    Saturday, second day of Helifest 2019 was a little bit better than Friday, although still wet. The scheduled program was suspended time by time because of the rain. Lights were terrible, honestly we didn't know how the pilots could see their helicopters sometimes. /
    20 June 2019
  • Helifest 2019 Friday Set 052.JPG

    Helifest 2019Friday photos

    Friday, the first day of Helifest 2019 wasn't ideal for flying at all. The almost continuous torrential rain has flooded the ground turning everything into a marsh. Just the most determined pilots tried to fly. Therefore the people spent the time mostly in the tents. This album is a collection of photos taken in the afternoon. /
    19 June 2019
  • Rotor Live 2019 054.jpg

    Rotor Live 2019 photosPart 2: Flights and people

    During Rotor Live 2019 the flighs were also really interesting. Not just the 3D, the scale model flights were also spectacular and astonishing programs. And of course nothing could happen without the people there including organisers, pilots, staff and visitors. This collection is about all of them. /
    15 March 2019
  • IMG_0607.JPG

    Dunkan Bossion & SAB Goblin KrakenPhotos from Rotor Live 2019

    This collection contains few photos taken about Dunkan Bossion and the Goblin Kraken demo. This is the demo, when Dunkan flew the Kraken with red smoke and sparks. So if the helicopter itself wasn't enough spectacular in Dunkan presentation, these efects made this show unforgetable, /
    15 March 2019
  • Rotor Live 2019 018.JPG

    Rotor Live 2019 photosPart 1: expo and sale

    We have taken many photos at Rotor Live. Pictures taken at the expo are selected in this collection. Just this part of the event itself worth a day, there are that many things to see. /
    13 March 2019