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  • Toth Tamas Team Hely-Shop.jpg

    Tamas Toth joins Team Hely-ShopThe Hungarian pilot to strengthen the SAB line

    Tamás Tóth just joined the Team Hely-Shop to promote the company in East-European region and in Hungary primarily. Tamas will present the SAB product line primarily in the colours of the British company.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    22 March 2021
  • 1st rc at hely-shop.jpg

    1st-RC products at Hely-Shop.co.ukServos, rotor blades and buffer packs in the shop

    Hely-shop.co.uk introduces the 1st-RC products including rotor blades between 380 and 700 class, tail blades, servos and buffer packs. The Swiss brand will be available at Hely-shop.co.uk in the next couple of weeks.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    08 March 2020
  • XLPower MSH Protos Nitro Youtube thumbnail.JPG

    XLPower Protos Nitro What's in the box

    Hamish Scott from Australia uploaded this video about his XLPower MSH Protos Nitro kit as it arrived from XLPower. The four and a half minutes long video presents the content of the box.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    23 January 2020
  • hely-shop.co.uk logo.jpg

    Hely-Shop.co.ukUnited Kingdom

    Hely-Shop.co.uk started trading in 2017. Hely-Shop stocks vary known brand as Align T-Rex, Sab Goblin, XLpower, Soxos, Lynx Oxy, MSH Protos, Maniax, AzurePrower, MSComposite blades, GDW and KST Servos, Scorpion, Egodrift and much more.

    22 January 2020
  • Adam Plumbridge Hely-shop.jpg

    Adam Plumbridge member of Team Hely-shopOXY now represented in the team

    Adam Plumbridge, the OXY Heli Addict is the latest member of Team Hely-shop - announced Tuesday morning. Adam is known by his addiction to OXY helicopters.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    30 July 2019
  • Dean Tamsett.jpg

    Dean Tamsett joins Helyshop flight teamSecond addition this year at the British team

    Dean Tamsett is the second new member of the team this year. Dean has been flying for 14 years, but he started to compete just 9 years later. He is a Sport class pilot with various results.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    06 July 2019
  • Michael Platts Hely-shop.jpg

    Michael Platts in Team Hely-ShopThe UK team gets its newest member

    Michael Platts is the latest joining member of Hely-Shop flight team from today - announced on Facebook Sunday evening. Mick flies SAB, Gaui and XLPower models.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    30 June 2019
  • Helifest image.jpg

    Helifest latest newsWeston Park Model Air Show this weekend

    Four more days until Weston Park Model Air Show at Telford, Shropshire, which - as always - will be hosting Helifest. And Helifest is the most important UK event for RC heli fanatics. As the days come, we get more and more information about the event.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    10 June 2019
  • mariusz crash.JPG

    Mariusz Jastrzembski crashes his Specter 700Because there are two type of pilots...

    ...who has crashed, and who will crash. Mariusz Jastrzembski, pilot of Hely-shop.co.uk is flying in this video an amazing show, then the flight is over suddenly. As Mariusz wrote. this was his 18th flight in a day and a short pause in focusing ended up so. Lesson: those don't crash whose don't fly.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    21 April 2019
  • Ivan Adams 030.jpg

    Ivan AdamsCharmouth Fun Fly - Photos

    Ivan Adams, pilot of Hely-Shop.co.uk and 360 RC Technologies was flying Align T-Rex 700 at Charmouth Fun Fly. Check the blades: Cyclone, what else. Photos by Alan Matuszczyk-Robinson

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    10 April 2019
  • Alan Matuszczyk-Robinson 002.jpg

    Alan Matuszczyk-RobinsonCharmouth Fun Fly - Photos

    Alan Matuszczyk-Robinson, pilot of Hely-Shop.co.uk is flying with his XLPower 550, Specter 700 and SAB Goblin Drake helicopters at Charmouth Fun Fly. But who took the pictures? Because they are sent us by Alan...

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    10 April 2019
  • Ivan Adams Charmouth.jpg

    Ivan Adams at Charmouth Fun FlyFun Fly in the British spring

    Ivan Adams, pilot of Hely-shop.co.uk and 360 RC Technologies is enjoying the British spring at Charmouth Fun Fly with his Align T-Rex 700X last weekend. Beautiful flight in terrible light conditions and weather. Recorded by Alan Matuszczyk-Robinson.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    08 April 2019
  • Goblin 700- KRAKEN.jpg

    UPDATED: Problems with Goblin Kraken marketingPreorder is open. Not everything went well

    UPDATE: Preorder is now open officially! Don't worry, no problems with Kraken helicopters, but some problems occured around its marketing. This doesn't affect the delayed reselase date which is 2nd of May, but it seems revealing exact retail price was a mistake of SAB.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    21 March 2019
  • black friday thumbnail.png

    Black Friday 2018What to expect this year?

    Christmas shopping began already for many of us, but the rush will begin tomorrow "officially". We are closer to Christmas, streets and shops are getting chaotic. Let's see what to expect this year.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    22 November 2018
  • IMG_6464.JPG

    Heliwood 2018The Hungarian heli festival

    The Hungarian RC helicopter festival was held last weekend. Many feedbacks and memories arrived to the organisers so far. It's time to summarise what and how happened.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    15 August 2018
  • sponored by hs.jpg

    Hely-shop.co.uk sponsors HeliwoodThe second UK company joins to the event in Hungary

    Hely-shop.co.uk became Heliwood Sponsor on Wednesday. Therefore they are the second company from United Kingdom supporting a real #KeepRCHelisAlive event in Hungary tomorrow.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    10 August 2018
  • tom hely shop.jpg

    Hely-shop Team expansion: Thomas EdwardsOne more pilot in the team

    Alessio Romeo announced this afternoon that Thomas Edwards has joined to Hely-Shop Team as pilot. The small team of this upcoming business is growing constantly and now it's not that small.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    03 August 2018
  • Alan John Mautuszczyk-Robinson flying.jpg

    Alan John Matuszczyk-Robinbson at Hely-shopHely-shop team welcomes the new captain

    The great news was announced earlier this morning by Alessio Rome, CEO Hely-shop. Alan is flying for 3 years, and he is a very active member of RC helicopter community in United Kingdom.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    24 July 2018
  • Nick Stroud.jpg

    Hely-Shop Team Pilot: Nick StroudNick joins to the company in St. Neots

    Alessio Romeo, CEO at Hely-Shop has announced the agreement between Nick Stroud and Hely-Shop.co.uk yesterday. Nick has finished the Helifest at 3rd place of Sport class in June.

    rchelicopterhub.com / rchelicopter.hu
    21 July 2018