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  • Align T-Rex 650X dominator.jpg

    The Align T-Rex 650X arrivesThe new model just announced

    The Align Corporation just announced its newest model, the new Align T-Rex 650X Dominator. The new model is also a new class within the Align RC helicopter family.
    20 March 2020
  • 450pro.jpg

    Align 450 and 470 series to continueConfirmed, Align changes the manual policy

    It was misleading, Align hasn't published any manuals of 450 and 470 series on the website, whilst the 300 got published. Our speculation about the discontinued model series wasn't true luckily. The T-Rex 450 and 470 models remain on the market available.
    19 November 2019
  • Alan Szabo Jr T-Rex 150.jpg

    Align T-Rex 150 by Alan Szabo Jr.Chilling on a lovely November day

    Alan Szabo Jr. has returned to us with this video. He is flying the Align T-Rex 150. Seemingly he is flying it with absolute pleasure just for fun.
    14 November 2019
  • Ivan Adams Aaron Phatflight Cole Align T-Rex 300X 2.JPG

    Two Align T-Rex 300X flownBy Aaron Phatflight Cole and Ivan Adams

    Two 300X in the air in this video in the autumn sunlight. Not so typical weather in the United Kingdom at this time, and the temperature is also low. Despite the cold and the low sun, Aaron and Ivan are flying great in this video. Credit: Andrew Knight.
    14 November 2019
  • Align T-Rex 470L.jpg

    T-Rex 470
    13 November 2019
  • align-t-rex-250-pro-dfc-combo.jpg

    T-Rex 250
    13 November 2019
  • align-t-rex-100x-super-combo.jpg

    T-Rex 100Instruction Manual
    13 November 2019
  • Align-T-REX-450-Sport-V2-Super-Combo.jpg

    T-Rex 450Instruction manuals
    13 November 2019
  • 450pro.jpg

    Align T-Rex 450, 470 discontinued?Disproved: Align will finish the series

    It seems, Align is planning to finish the production of both the T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 470 series. It is not confirmed, but the signs all indicate that. We have asked Align for more details.
    13 November 2019
  • agnhe90h02.jpg

    EnginesUser manuals
    12 November 2019
  • agnkx850140a.jpg

    ChargersUser manuals
    12 November 2019
  • agnkx870016a.jpg

    Electric equipmentsUser manuals - Gyro, APS, etc...
    12 November 2019
  • Align ESC.jpg

    Electric Speed ControllersInstruction manuals
    12 November 2019
  • s-l1000.jpg

    Brushless motorsUser manuals
    12 November 2019
  • agnhf2501.jpg

    F3C FuselageUser manual
    12 November 2019
  • hf7008.jpg

    Speed fuselageUser manuals
    12 November 2019
  • AH-1slantlow_anglew.jpg

    Scale FuselageUser manuals
    12 November 2019
  • Align t-rex 800e dfc.jpg

    T-Rex 800User manuals
    12 November 2019
  • Align T-Rex 760.jpg

    T-Rex 760User manuals
    12 November 2019
  • Align T-Rex 700X.jpg

    T-Rex 700User manuals
    12 November 2019