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  • Global 3D 2023.jpg

    Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    30 June - 2 July, 2023

    The famous Global 3D in 2023 too. Dates confirmed details coming soon... /
    02 December 2022
  • Global 3D masters podium.jpg

    Global 3D 2022

    Global 3D 2022 was held on the first weekend of July in the Netherlands as usual before the pandemic. After two years skipped, the competition was eagerly anticipated by all.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    10 July 2022
  • Global 3D 2022 cr.jpg

    Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    1-3 July 2022

    The famous Global 3D this year again. After two years of cancellations the event will go ahead. /
    01 March 2022
  • Global 3D 2021 Cancelled.jpg

    Cancelled: Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    2-4 July 2021

    The contest of the contests, the battle of the bests will be taken in place in Venlo, Netherlands. /
    09 July 2020
  • Global 3D Cancelled.jpg

    CANCELLED: Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    26-28 June 2020

    This is one of the most important RC helicopter events throughout the year. The Global 3D is THE contest for all RC helicopter pilots. The bests are flying here for the thropies and the fame given by achieving any result in Venlo /
    01 December 2019
  • Global3D 2020.jpg

    Global 3D 2020: dates announcedNot surprising

    Global 3D just announced the dates for 2020 Monday evening. The dates are not surprising, the announcement itself is. Walter Robijns, the head of the competition in the Netherlands begins organising the event later typically. /
    14 October 2019
  • Global 3D retouched.jpg

    Global 3DVenlo, The Netherlands
    5-7 July 2019

    This is one of the most important RC helicopter events throughout the year. The Global 3D is THE contest for all RC helicopter pilots. The bests are flying here for the thropies and the fame given by achieving any result in Venlo /
    14 March 2019
  • nightfly rachel plant.jpg

    Night fly videos at Global 3DGlobal 3D publishes the next list

    Global 3D has published these spectacular videos this evening. These videos also exciting, especially with full volume. Thanks to Nik Johnson's voice and the musics, you find yourself in a fancy party, Saturday night in Ibiza. So party up, get it loud... Rachel Plant is on the stage. /
    17 July 2018
  • kyledahl.jpg

    Global 3D - Masters musicAll masters music flights available

    Global 3D uploaded all masters music flights to their Youtube channel and the entire list is now complete. Just sit back, start the playlist and watch 14 amazing performances. /
    17 July 2018
  • dunkan bossion global 3d.jpg

    SAB demo by Dunkan BossionGoblin 700 Sport in Venlo

    Insane beginning then mad continuation. This is how Dunkan flies this Goblin 700 Sport at Global 3D during the SAB demo. /
    12 July 2018
  • Global 3D 2018 -Sunday - Ryan Henson 020.jpg

    Sunday summaryPhotos about the last day

    The weather was nice on Sunday again, therefore nothing disturbed the programs. Here is a brief summary of the day in pictures.

    Ryan Henson
    08 July 2018
  • finalists expert.jpg

    Global 3D Final ResultsKenny Ko, Robin Lipke win

    The Global 3D 2018 is now over. It's been an amazing weekend. Everything was about the best pilots and RC helicopters. Mecca of RC Helis is now getting empty for a year. /
    08 July 2018
  • Global 3D - Ryan Henson - 006.jpg

    Photos of Saturday

    Saturday is still going on. Here are some exclusive pictures from Global 3D. Helis, events and people like Callum Henson, Nik Johnson and many more. And detailed pictures of GLogo Nitro...

    Ryan Henson
    07 July 2018
  • 36682988_10155704903372685_9189646931444367360_n.jpg

    Day 2 - what's happening nowStatus report from Venlo

    The official daytime program is ending soon. Next program is the funfly followed by the night flying at 11PM (CET). Not all results known yet. The day is really colourful, with many things to see. Not just programs and pilots, many companies came with new products as well. /
    07 July 2018
  • Global 3d Pilot Briefing.jpg

    Preliminary results of day 1Reported by Global 3D

    After the first day and the first sessions Global 3D reported the preliminary results. There were few drop-outs in Speedcup, high tensions in set manoeuvres, but nice results as well. /
    07 July 2018
  • Global 3D 012.jpg

    Day one - Midland HelicoptersCallum and Ryan Henson

    First day is over. Thanks to Ryan Henson, here are some images from Friday and how the guys felt there. /
    07 July 2018
  • girls unites.PNG

    Girls United.. and more from Venloby Nik Johnson

    If you want to get the Venlo feeling, watch this video from Nik Johnson - The commentator. /
    07 July 2018
  • 36679929_10155701024272685_7523655166302617600_o.jpg

    It beginsFew more hours and it's happening

    In few hours the Global 3D - the most important RC helicopter event - will begin in Venlo, Netherland. All famous pilots, all fans, all supporters are going to be there this weekend to see the bests and many more. All factories will present something there. /
    05 July 2018
  • Global 3D 2018

    Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    6-8 July 2018

    Most likely this is the most important RC helicopter competition in the world. It will be at the location of the former 3D Masters, in Venlo of Netherland, where the most known pilots will attend. /
    27 May 2018