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  • THB 2020.jpg

    Thailand Heli Blowout 2020Bangkok, Thailand
    5-6 December 2020

    Hello my friends. You are invited again. Good time to announce about Thailand Heli Blowout 2020 will be held on 5-6th December 2020. I hope we will meet again and best wish virus situation will be better and recovery soon. Then we come to have fun together again. please come to join friends perhaps only THB 2020 still alive in this year. /
    07 July 2020
  • Thailand Funfly Day.jpg

    Thailand Funfly DayBangkok, Thailand
    22-23 February 2020

    Thailand Style is coming.😂😂😂 No fun, no fly. An amazing weekend in Thailand where the Heli Blowout is taken in place. /
    05 February 2020
  • kan ponnoi TBH 2019.JPG

    Kan Poonnoi warms up to Thailand Heli BlowoutTBH this weekend

    Perhaps most of you know that TBH will be held in Thailand this weekend. Pilots are gathering. Kan Poonnoi, pilot of XLPower and Egodrift - one of the home pilots - is waming up. This video is published by /
    28 March 2019
  • Kyle Stacy.jpg

    Kyle Stacy forced to skip Thailand Heli BlowoutDelta Airlines causes turmoil

    Kyle Stacy had to announce on his Facebook page that he cannot attend Thailand Heli Blowout. He was about to fly to Thailand, when a tiny glitch ruined the trip. /
    27 March 2019