Swiss Heli Challenge
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  • Heli Challenge Tareq Alsaadi.jpg

    Heli Challenge this weekendDübendorf, Switzerland

    The next big event in Europe is the Heli Challenge in Switzerland this weekend. Many great programmes offered throughout the weekend. Don't miss out, if you can. /
    17 June 2019
  • swiss heli challenge YES.jpg

    Heli Challenge in Switzerland 20 more helpers required

    IMPORTANT! Markes Hugo posted on Facebook minutes before, they still need 20 more half day helpers to hold Heli Challenge /
    23 May 2019
  • Heli Challenge asks for Help.png

    Heli Challenge asks for helpThe event in Switzerland can get cancelled

    Markes Hugo, organiser of Heli Challenge turned to the community with this very worrying message yesterday. As he messaged us, there are not enough pilot and helper registrations. This message is published in German and in English as well. /
    12 May 2019
  • Swiss Heli Challenge.jpg

    8th HeliChallengeDübendorf, Switzerland
    22-23 June 2019

    The famous Swiss HeliChallenge this year again. The 8th HeliChallenge will be at the same airport as always in Dübendorf. Many programs, famous pilots, but fun fly oppurtunities for everyone at this venue. /
    14 March 2019
  • stefan finster.jpg

    Stefan Finster ready for HeliwoodSoxos and Horizon Hobby Team pilot in Hungary

    Stefan informed Heliwood recently he also attends the event on 11th of August in Alsónémedi. Pilot of Swiss Heli Professional and Horizon Hobby will be flying at Heliwood. /
    26 July 2018
  • soxos demo.PNG

    A beautiful video from SOXOS heliA real summer time style film

    As we got used to it from videos since 2010 in all summary videos, where Raquel Bellot flies: a real summer style summary by SOXOS heli from Heli Challenge. Genuine party feeling with nice helis and good pilots. /
    05 July 2018
  • tareq xnova warm up.jpg

    Tareq Alsaadi's performance: XNova motor warming upin a Goblin helicopter

    This is how to warm a XNova motor up? Then most of us is not going to able to warm it ever. It is certain, the motor was okay. /
    05 July 2018
  • Tareq Demo Heli Challenge 2018.PNG

    Heli Challenge 2018Selection from Switzerland

    Here is a media selection from the Heli Challenge 2018 in Switzerland. As every year, the Heli Challenge 2018 was a great event. This is why we should go next year. /
    05 July 2018
  • goblin draw heli challenge.PNG

    The winner of Tareq's Goblinvideo of the draw

    As known, Tareq Alsaadi offered his Goblin in a raffle at Heli Challenge 2018 in Switzerland. This is the video of the draw. And the winner is... no. no. no. Not Markes Hugo... /
    27 June 2018
  • Tareq Demo Heli Challenge 2018.PNG

    Tareq Alsaadi Demo in SwitzerlandHeli Challenge 2018

    Tareq Alsaadi performs an insane show at Heli Challenge with Goblin heli. /
    24 June 2018
  • 35927109_1710504865665236_8273080878750498816_n.jpg

    Heli Challenge 2018Switzerland - the day before the event

    First news arriving from Switzerland since the morning. It seems, there is a really good mood, nice weather at the moment. Everything and everyone will be ready for tomorrow morning soon. /
    22 June 2018
  • Tareq Goblin.PNG

    Win Tareq's Goblinat Swiss Heli Challenge

    Tareq Alsaadi offers his helicopter to win at Swiss Heli Challenge. The only thing you have to do is: buy a raffle ticket there. All money paid by you guys, goes to charity. The SAB Goblin's Canopy is a unique one, made for Tareq. Everything will be included except FBL unit and - of course - receiver. So good luck! This is for a good cause. /
    21 June 2018
  • Raquel bellot Swiss Heli Challenge 2018.jpg

    Raquel Bellot, Rachel Plant attend Heli ChallengeOn 23-24th June in Switzerland

    As it's reported by Modellsport Ladies Team today on Facebook, Raquel and rachel will be at Swiss Heli Challenge 2018 in Switzerland. /
    08 June 2018
  • Heli Challenge Logo

    Heli Challenge 2018Switzerland
    23-24 June 2018

    One of the most famous RC helicopter events in Europe during the summer. The 8th Heli Challenge will be held at the previous years' location in Dübendorf. /
    08 June 2018