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  • Global 3D 2023 005.jpg

    Global 3D starts tomorrow

    The famous Global 3D, one of the world's most important contest will begin tomorrow morning. As usual, tension is high, expectations are even higher. This is what to know so far. /
    29 June 2023
  • Global 3D 2023.jpg

    Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    30 June - 2 July, 2023

    The famous Global 3D in 2023 too. Dates confirmed details coming soon... /
    02 December 2022
  • Steven Bätzler.jpg

    Steven Bätzler switches teams

    Steven Bätzler has left Team XLPower to fulfill a promising invitation. Steven has been member of XLPower factory team since 2019 representing the company at various events. He's flown in Expert class at Global 3D 2022 in Venlo this summer. /
    26 November 2022
  • Global 3D masters podium.jpg

    Global 3D 2022

    Global 3D 2022 was held on the first weekend of July in the Netherlands as usual before the pandemic. After two years skipped, the competition was eagerly anticipated by all.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    10 July 2022
  • Global 3d Pilot list.jpg

    Global 3D 2022 pilots announced

    The Master and Expert pilot list is now published by Global 3D for 2022. There will be 12 pilots in the Masters class and 24 in the Experts class. The night flight pilot list not published yet, that list expected to be announced later.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    02 April 2022
  • Global 3D 2022 cr.jpg

    Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    1-3 July 2022

    The famous Global 3D this year again. After two years of cancellations the event will go ahead. /
    01 March 2022
  • Global 3D.png

    Throwback: Global 3D 2019Memories from Venlo

    Global 3D 2020 was supposed to be last weekend originally, then it was re-scheduled a week earlier. Later on it became a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is cancelled. If everything went as it was planned originally, we would process the contents of this year right now. Instead, we have collected the most memorable moments of the last year. /
    09 July 2020
  • Global 3D 2021 Cancelled.jpg

    Cancelled: Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    2-4 July 2021

    The contest of the contests, the battle of the bests will be taken in place in Venlo, Netherlands. /
    09 July 2020
  • Global 3D 2020 Cancelled.jpg

    Global 3D 2020 CancelledOrganisers don't take the risk of late cancellation

    The Global 3D this year is now officially cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic situation. The organiser cannot guarantee that the event will haven't be cancelled later, therefore the prevention any financial losses of sponsors, attendees reasons the decision. /
    12 March 2020
  • Global 3D dates change.jpg

    Global 3D 2020 - dates changedCompetition to be hold at a different location

    The change just announced: Global 3D is forced to change the location and the scene as well. New dates: 26-28 June, 2020. This is not so good news for more pilots and events as well in Europe, which are organised to this major event. /
    08 December 2019
  • Global 3D Cancelled.jpg

    CANCELLED: Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands
    26-28 June 2020

    This is one of the most important RC helicopter events throughout the year. The Global 3D is THE contest for all RC helicopter pilots. The bests are flying here for the thropies and the fame given by achieving any result in Venlo /
    01 December 2019
  • Global3D 2020.jpg

    Global 3D 2020: dates announcedNot surprising

    Global 3D just announced the dates for 2020 Monday evening. The dates are not surprising, the announcement itself is. Walter Robijns, the head of the competition in the Netherlands begins organising the event later typically. /
    14 October 2019
  • Global 3D 2019 Sunday 186.JPG

    Global 3D 2019 - end resultsSunday: drama, drama, drama

    The great show, Global 3D had many dramatic and there were even more fantastic moments. Walter Robijns and his about 50 people team have done a wonderful job, because everything went well, like a Swiss watch. /
    12 July 2019
  • Global 3D 2019 Saturday 040.JPG

    Global 3D 2019Saturday summary

    The second day of Global 3D was even busier than Friday. The second part of Round 1 was held this day. And also the Speed cup ended on Saturday. During the night the Night flight competition would have been held, but the rain arriving in the evening made it impossible. /
    11 July 2019
  • Global 3D 2019 Friday 098.JPG

    Friday at Global 3DFlights, flights and more flights

    Friday went really well. Luckily it was mostly sunny. There were many great flights, really good competition results and not that many crashes. /
    05 July 2019
  • Global 3D pilots.JPG

    Global 3D begins nowPilot briefing and first set manoeuvres

    Global 3D 2019 has been started officially this morning. 17 countries, many pilots are attending in the next three days at the big event. /
    05 July 2019
  • Global 3D.png

    Global 3D about to launchAlmost everything and everybody prepared

    Only two and a half days left until Global 3D, which will be taken in place this weekend. Venlo in the Netherlands gets busy again. Everything to know so far. /
    02 July 2019
  • Global 3D.png

    Global 3DNews from Venlo

    All news about Global 3D 2019 here. Also a live newsfeed is running on this page. We are reporting from the event between Friday and Sunday. Don't miss anything out, follow this page. /
    28 June 2019
  • Global 3D sponsors.jpg

    Global 3DNews, sponsors and time table

    Global 3D is coming. Only 3 weeks to go, then the big competition will be taken in place in the Netherlands. All major companies sponsor the event, without them it would not be possible to make it at all. And the timetable is published now. /
    17 June 2019
  • global 3d night flight and speed pilots.jpg

    Global 3D: night flight and speed pilotsLists not final yet - registration remains open

    Global 3D published the momentary lists of night flight and speed pilots Friday morning. These lists look pretty good so far, but they still can change, because the registration is still open. /
    24 May 2019