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    Full Pitch Fun Fly last weekend

    The Full Pitch Fun Fly was taken place last weekend in the United Kingdom. This event is the successor of the famous Whit Horse Fun Fly since the event location changed and moved from White Horse. Traditionally the event is held the weekend after the Global 3D, typically in the middle of July, but this year the event dates have changed. /
    02 August 2021
  • Rachel Plant Mikado Logo 700.jpg

    The hobby of rich people: indeed?Emotions by loving helicopters

    I keep listening time by time: this hobby is for rich people. Well, we know how many of us aren't rich at all. There are many-many pilots with cheaper, older stuff, older models. Many of us can have one or two helicopters only - not even the best ones. And there are few others with 8-10-12 helicopters, most of them latest versions, but this is is not so typical. Which hobby is cheap? If you do it well, none of them.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    25 June 2019