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27 May 2018

Cookie policy

Cookies are small data files on your computer created by websites, which can help working their creator websites. They can be created for different purposes:

  • keeping your settings, given notifications. 
  • Storing your temporary form data
  • Helping analyse your website usage due to statistical reasons
  • Track your interest (we don't use these by ourselves)
  • And so on...

Rchelicopterhu.uk uses only functional cookies to help operating our website or avoiding repeated notifications. We don't use any personal information cookies can violate your privacy. This can change, but we will inform you on time.

rchelicopterhu.uk uses the following cookies at the moment:


Used by our sharing module (AddThis). Detailed documentation is available on the following website: http://www.addthis.com/

Expires after: 13 months


As above used by our AddThis plug-in Detailed documentation is available on the following website: http://www.addthis.com/

Valid for: 1 hour


This cookie prevents displaying "Our website uses cookie" repeatedly. When it is not found on your computer, the message appears assuming your visit is a first time visit. If you clicked on either button, we don't annoy you with this message again by storing this cookie on your computer. This cookie will be created on your computer even you decline using cookies.

Valid for: 1 year


Actually this is the only our own cookie. We collect all page identifiers you visited in this preventing multiple counting of page reads by you. This is required for our more appropriate popular pages panel. It does not contain your preferences, favourite pages.

Valid for: 1 month

What happens when you decline using cookies?

The website can be visited anyway, but we must block all components referred to external contents which can create cookies through our pages. For example: you cannot see video contents, you cannot share pages directly or the Facebook panel will not appear. And many other future functions can be affected as well.

Can you change your decision later?

Yes, you can just click on this link and you can review your former decision.