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  • Reutlingen funfly.JPG

    FMSC Reutlingen Heli Fun FlyReutlingen, Germany
    22-23 April 2023

    The FMSC Reutlingen invites you to the Heli Funfly from April 22nd to 23rd, 2023. We offer two flight lines. Whether 3D professional, sports flyer, scale pilot or beginner - everyone is welcome. The event will be accompanied by RotorLive spokesman Detlef Hoffmann and anyone who wants, can bring their music. /
    20 February 2023
  • Rotor Live 2019 045.JPG

    Rotor Live 2023 - can the glory return?

    After three years forced break Rotor Live will return in 2023. This is definitely something we and the whole hobby need, just that's another question it will be able to get back its original glory. /
    06 December 2022
  • Rotor Live 2023.jpg

    Rotor Live 2023Iffezheim, Germany
    11-12 March 2023

    ROTOR Live returns in 2023. Europe's largest trade fair for model helicopters once again invites you to two amazing days of experience on 11th and 12th March, 2023! /
    26 November 2022
  • The Copper Doc with Mosel.jpg

    The Copper Doc cannot dispatch more this weekSevere flood in North West Germany

    Local media reports that heavy rains of the last few days caused severe floods in this part of Germany, dozens are missing, more people killed, homes and businesses are at serious risks. The Copper Doc GmbH - one of the most important XNova distributor in the region and Europe - suffer the effects of the weather, and they are at risk of getting flooded by the River Moselle. /
    15 July 2021
  • xlpower-europe.jpg

    New XLPower distributor in the EU XLPower has got a strong coverage in Europe

    A new online shop representing XLPower distribution just launched in the European Union. This shop delivers everywhere in the EU offering more delivery method and only couple of days to deliver XLPower spare parts and kits. /
    11 March 2021
  • Brandendburg gate Berlin.jpg

    Germany changes the VAT ratesMehrwertsteuer affects RC prices

    From this morning the German Government decreased the tax squeeze on product sells as a temporary measure for tackling the economic impact of COVID-19. The Mehrwertsteuer (aka Value Added Tax) is reduced from 19 to 16 and from 7 to 5 per cents and the first one can affect the RC product prices. /
    01 July 2020
  • Wuhan Coronavirus.jpg

    RC modelling under lockdownModel airfields closed officially in European countries

    As parts of COVID-19 tackling measures, more countries are banning many outdoor activities, sport events among many other restrictions. The RC model flying is literally suspended in more countries. /
    16 March 2020
  • Euro Heli Series.jpg

    PARTIALLY CANCELLED: F3C/F3N Euro Heli Series - GermanyKelinenbroich, Germany
    11-12 July 2020

    After taking a break last year we are pleased to announce that the EHS is returning to MFSV-Kleinenbroich. It will be held over the same weekend as the F3C Competition but on separate flightlines. A minimum number of pilots are required for the F3N flightline to go ahead so please get you entries in as soon as possible. /
    14 February 2020
  • Euro Heli Series.jpg

    F3C Euro Heli Series - SwedenHollfeld, Germany
    9-10 May 2020

    This competition is a little unusual. As we were struggling to confirm venues for 2020, Germany have kindly offered a venue to host an F3C World Cup on behalf of Sweden in the beautiful area of Hollfeld. /
    14 February 2020
  • Helialarm Intro.jpg

    STILL PLANNED: Helialarm XMarburg, Germany - updated
    4 July 2020

    No matter, if you are beginner or pro, if you love scale models or fly 3D: Just have a nice day with friends - this is our motto. All levels and models welcome. /
    06 February 2020
  • Helitreffen Bocholt.jpg

    CANCELLED: Modellbaugruppe Bocholt Heli TreffenBocholt, Germany
    8 March 2020

    For the first time, the Bocholt Model Group is organising a helicopter meeting. Spectators and pilots are very welcome. Good weather and many attendees hoped. /
    05 February 2020
  • Rotor Live Cancelled Splash.jpg

    CANCELLED: Rotor Live 2020Iffezheim, Germany
    14-15 March 2020

    All types of helicopter, demos, contests, famous pilots and everything for RC heli fans. Many scale models, jet turbine powered models and performance helicopters will be at the venue. /
    01 December 2019
  • rotor live crop.jpg

    Rotor Live 2019Iffezheim, Germany
    9-10 March 2019

    All kind of helicopters, demos, contests, famous pilots and everything for RC heli fans. Many scale models, jet turbine powered models and performance helicopters will be at the venue. /
    14 February 2019
  • rotor live 2019 video.PNG

    Rotor Live 2019 - TeaserIffezheim, Germany

    Rotor Live is one of the greatest event throughout the year in Iffezheim, Germany not far from Baden-baden. Visitors will be awaited with many programs, numerous manufacturers and retailers, known pilots. This is the trailer video of the two days long event. /
    14 February 2019
  • glogo kyle dahl 001.jpg

    Mikado Glogo 690 to ready for deliveryKyle Dahl reports from Germany

    Mikado Nitro Logo, the GLogo 690 will be delivered pretty soon. Kyle has reported just now, they have finished the manuals, and packaging is happening now. These anticipated kits will be going on their ways soon. /
    14 January 2019
  • gummersbach.jpg

    FunFly in Gummersbach with SimoneVLOG by Simone Zunterer

    This video made by Simone. There's a short summary, then Simone's performance from Gummersbach, Germany, last weekend. /
    05 September 2018
  • mfc_ikarus.jpg

    The 60-year-old MFC Ikarus anniversaryVLOG by Simone Zunterer

    The Modelflugclub Ikarus Geilenkirchen in Germany (because there's other one in Austria) has celebrated its 60 year anniversary recenly where Simone has attended. She published her vlog about this event. This video is German however there's an accurate subtitle in English. /
    05 September 2018
  • Pöting Turbinen Meeting - Brilliant Pictures - 16.jpg

    17. Pöting Turbinen MeetingAmazing photos from Brilliant Pictures Photography again.

    Thanks to Miachel Laskus at Brilliant Pictures Photography again. We just received this brilliant album (literally and figuratively) about 17th Pöting Turbine Meeting from German. This is a traditional meeting of jet powered RC helicopters, where beautiful and huge RC helicopters turn up. Enjoy the album. /
    14 June 2018
  • FL9Q3703_small.jpg

    Vario Open DayGräfendorf, Germany

    Vario was holding its open day on 12th May. A selection of pictures taken about the event has just published on the facebook page of Brilliant Pictures Photography who took them, and we have got this entire album from. We would like to say thank you again. Both pictures and Vario scale helicopters are extraordinary quality. /
    05 June 2018
  • Forrás: Uwe Naujoks - facebook

    F3N Euro Series GermanyIt was kept last weekend in Kleinenbroich

    The next stop of F3N Euro Series was in Kleinenbroich, near to Cologne in Germany. These pictures arrived from there by Rachel Plant and some others. The company spent a good weekend there. /
    27 May 2018