Full Pitch Fun Fly
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    Full Pitch Fun FlyIn pictures - as we eperienced it

    We have written a summary of the event before. Here is our selection of the photos taken at the great event organised by Rob Bingham and his team. This is how we have seen and experienced one of the greatest events.

    16 July 2019
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    Full Pitch Fun FlyIncredible success in the first year

    This is the first year when the Full Pitch Fun Fly was taken in place following the history of White Horse Fun Fly. Rob Bingham and his team achieved an unbelievable success with this first one.

    16 July 2019
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    Full Pitch Fun FlyGloucester
    11-14 July 2019

    Full Pitch Fun Fly - instead of the famous White Horse Fun Fly. As it's known: the land of White Horse Fun Fly is turning into a property development area, no flights there anymore. But don't worry, same people, same mood, same excitement at a different location.

    30 June 2019