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20 November 2019

SAB Goblin Buddy 380 released
First happy owners receive the new model

SAB Heli Division released the new Goblin 380 version, the SAB Goblin Buddy 380. The first batch has arrived to the dealers and the first happy owners are flying the models already.

SAB Goblin Buddy 380 released
SAB Goblin Buddy 380 / Photos: Huân Bùi

As it was reported earlier, the SAB Heli Division was developing the new 380 model in silence, then about two weeks ago the model was announced. SAB could keep the plan, and the model is now released and available from stock at the dealers. We have checked few dealers, like ATModels, BK Hobbies, Only Fine Helis, World of Heli, Heli-shop.com and all of them are selling the SG389 SAB Goblin Buddy 380 from stock, which means, the model has arrived indeed. Only the hely-shop.co.uk hasn't updated the stock yet, but as we are informed they are also able to dispatch immediately.

And one of the first owners flying the model already is Huân Bùi from Vietnam, who provided us the pictures.

The kit comes with blades. The price is £360 (inc. tax) in the United Kingdom, $389 (ex. tax) in the United States and €398 (inc. tax) in the Euopean shops.

SAB Goblin Buddy 380 released