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03 July 2020
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11/07/2024 10:36:33

Something to happen at Goosky

Not that much known apparently, just this was published on Facebook in the morning.

25/06/2024 15:53:23

Align TB70 V2 is now available

21/06/2024 08:03:02

RC Helicopter Richard reports from Global 3D

Follow Richard on facebook for his videos.

20/06/2024 21:53:10

Global 3D begins

Pilots are gathering in Venlo, many of them already arrived. The competition will begin tomorrow morning.

14/06/2024 16:15:05

Birmingham Airport chaos

Attendees heading to Helifest should not face any serious issue, but journeys back home can be challenging. Birmingham is the closest international airport to Heliest.

14/06/2024 16:14:17

Helifest this weekend

Helifest 2024 is taking place right now. We will report from the scene during the weekend.

18/05/2024 07:13:50

Furtivos on this weekend

The event in Spain is now happening. Follow their Facebook page for more...

18/05/2024 07:10:10

ROTOR May issue

The latest issue of ROTOR magazine is out. XLPower Nimbus 550, Goosky RS7 are among the topics.

10/05/2024 11:00:42

Do not forget: Furtivos on next weekend...

Furtivos will take place on 18th May, near to Barcelona in Spain.

10/05/2024 10:58:17

Full Pitch Fun Fly on 5-7 July

Field will open on 4th July at noon - posted by Full Pitch Fun Fly

29/02/2024 20:33:20

JUST IN: Dubai Masters location changes

Last moment change of the location just announced.

22/01/2024 17:57:24

Two new pilots join Team Egodrift

Two Hungarian pilots have joined Egodrift factory team today: István Huszti and Dániel Szép are the new joiners - announced on Facebook.

18/01/2024 22:19:53

Synergy RC checks in

18/01/2024 21:39:17

XLPower Nimbus 550 Nitro pre-order

Pre order opens at most XLPower dealers. Like hely-shop.co.uk takes orders from now on.

15/01/2024 19:01:13

150 days until Helifest

02/01/2024 18:13:19

Full Pitch Fun Fly 2024

It's official: Full Pitch Fun Fly on 5-7th July in Gloucester.

02/01/2024 11:43:59

FAI F3C/F3N code updates released

The latest F3C/F3N Sporting Code just released by FAI.

01/01/2024 19:42:51

Align TB40 Pre-order is open

The new Align TB40 is arriving soon. Pre-order is open at most major retailers.

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