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There are many places to buy RC heli products and components, but which company is reliable, which company is located near to you, these are important questions. We will collect these shops with short details here.... this sections just launched.

  • logo.jpg Kingdom started trading in 2017. Hely-Shop stocks vary known brand as Align T-Rex, Sab Goblin, XLpower, Soxos, Lynx Oxy, MSH Protos, Maniax, AzurePrower, MSComposite blades, GDW and KST Servos, Scorpion, Egodrift and much more.

    22 January 2020
  • HelicoachBannerColorSmall.jpg

    HelicoachBy Keven Schauz

    We at Helicoach are the leading Dealer for XLPower in Germany and XLPower/MSH Distributor for Germany. With a huge stock of kits, parts, accessories and shipping within less than 24 hours we are your fast and reliable source for everything around your favorite RC-Helis.

    01 December 2019
  • this-is-a-space-for-you.gif

    This is a space for you...

    We are constantly working on the website to extend its features, to make it even more useful. Our aim is to support the RC helicopter flying as a sport and as a hobby as well. If you are selling RC helicopters, spare parts, components, accessories as a dealer or manufacturer, then we have got something for you...
    23 November 2019
  • ATModelsLogo-min-blue.jpg (1)

    ATModels(ALIGN-TREX Models) Slough, United Kingdom

    ATModels is a particularly large company in the United Kingdom. Many brands are represented at the company, almost all leading RC helicopter companies are selling through ATModels. The company is one of the most reliable dealers, fast dispatch, very correct customer service provided by them.
    20 November 2019