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27 March 2023

Scammers try to fool Goblin users

Bert Kammerer warns of scam. A website looking legitimate offers spare parts and even SAB Goblin kits on prices which look very nice, but Bert Kammerer warns everybody not to fall in this trap.

Scammers try to fool Goblin users

Seemingly the goblin-us.com is a legitimate website, but there are obvious warning signs, why people should not trust the shop. First sign is the prices of the kits, they are obviously too cheap to be true: like a 738 dollars kit, a Raw 580 cannot be 87 dollars even in the best sale, unless it's a fake offer or a clone and a fake offer, but definitely cannot be a genuine SAB product. 

Spare part prices look much more legitimate, this can fool even more experienced Goblin owners. On the contact us page there's an address, which leads to the middle of nowhere, the address is obviously fake, there's no West Virginia Road in Greenfield under the zip code 12833. So you won't find the company, and you won't find your money either.

The domain WHOIS record reads that the registrar is Chinese, the domain was registered from Henan by Jie Wei, China. The registration is not even private. The SSL certificate is issued by Google, but this means nothing, apart from the fact, the communication between your machine and the website is secure and encrypted. 

Bert Kammerer claims that this website will keep customers' money, and they won't ship anything, and this is very likely true based on the signs above. Be aware of these scams.