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26 September 2023

SAB Goblin Mavraken 800

Yes, it's real - an 800 size SAB Goblin helicopter, which hasn't been heard of before. This helicopter is crazy, mad and many will be surprised about the story behind the model.

SAB Goblin Mavraken 800
SAB Goblin Mavraken 800 / click for more...

The SAB Goblin Mavraken is indeed an 800 size model, but it's better to say that this is a stretched 700. Because it is. The merge of a Kraken and a Maverick resulted in the helicopter, and the outcome is a Kraken in 800 size. 

And if it wasn't clear so far, this is not a new, official model from SAB. István Huszti got the idea, and thanks to the cross compatibility of SAB models, the challenge turned out not to be as difficult as it seemed. But there's a twist in the story, and this gives the middle part of the name: Mav-ra-ken. In reality this name is a pun. On one hand the name combines the donor names, which even includes the Raw, on the other hand it comes from Hungarian, it stands for "Ken onto Mav" - as the helicopter was made in Hungary.

Why the Raw? István explained that the donor was a Kraken V1, which was a sort of mistake, nevertheless, the beauty in the project as well. It's not that difficult to put a 700S and a Maverick together, because the latter model has the same belt tensioner and transmission as the Maverick, consequently even the Maverick tail belt fits perfectly. But the Kraken V1 is different: it has a secondary shaft for the tail belt, therefore, the belt should be shorter. In addition, the tensioner is not part of the Kraken. This is why a Goblin Raw tensioner got installed with one extra twist again: the pulley is an Align TB70 pulley with a wider profile.

You can call the model "Frankenstein's creature," a real mule, a mix - all definitions describe the helicopter. And it sounds silly at first glance, but the model is works and flies quite well. And István is certain: there will be two types of people out there: those who love this helicopter, and those who hate it. There will be nobody in between.

The helicopter is flies between 1350 RPM and 1750 RPM, it's a 12S config, with pretty decent flight time. The rotor diameter is 1798 mm, so it's not small at all.

István even provided the parts list required to build the model, if you want to have one. But as he stated: Kraken 700S is a better subject, because much fewer alternations are needed, and even the belt can come from a model shop. If you want to build one, you will need these parts for the helicopter:

  • HC616-S SAB CF tail push rod - Maverick 800
  • H1419-S SAB Maverick 800 tail fin
  • H1322-S SAB CF Tail Side Plate - Maverick 800
  • H1418-S SAB Maverick 800 CF Tail Boom
  • H1653-K SAB 3 blade Tail Rotor
  • SAB-1153TBS-3ST SAB Thunderbolt 115mm Tail Blades
  • FKH-8166-FBL Fun-Key RotorTech 810 FBL Blades

When you build your one from a Kraken V1, you will need a complete tensioner from a Raw, and a Gates 2100 mm long 3M belt, but if your base is a 700S, the Maverick belt will be okay, and you don't have to bother with the tensioner problem either. Everything else will come from the Kraken model. 

The whole story is covered in the video above. You will get the answer to your questions: Why the helicopter was born? What were the difficulties and their solutions? How does the Mavraken fly? The video was recorded from a video call, and it is Hungarian with English subtitles.

SAB Goblin Mavraken 800