RB1-RC By Raquel Bellot

RB1 is a specialized shop in radio control professional helicopters. We are the official distributor in Spain of brands such as Heli Professional, SAB Helidivision, Mikado, Optipower, Spinblades, MKS Servos, Kontronik, BeastX, Gens Ace, YGE, MSH Electronics, Egodrift and much more. We deal directly with factories to offer a better price and service.

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30 April 2020


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We have a huge variety of high-end products of the most recognized brands in the industry. All products in our catalogue have been selected by its quality, services, and high performance. The brands I trust for years to fly and train.
Shop with confidence, knowing you’ll receive excellent customer service. We put 100% focus on good treatment.

¨My father’s fondness and enthusiasm for helicopters was transmitted to me at the age of 15, becoming my hobby and my passion. Later, competitions arrived, trainings, countless hours in the garage, become part of the official team of pilots of the most prestigious brands, shows in several countries... I went down in history as the first female 3D pilot, first female in national and international competition, and have won several titles in different categories¨.

Over the last years, as well as devoting myself to my hobby, I have also wanted to convey my experience and knowledge to other pilots through classes with double controls or articles in RC magazines. In addition to this, I have dedicated myself, exclusively for the last 10 years, to advice other pilots.

Now I start a new phase with RB1, where I have gathered all my ideas and experiences from the last few years.

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