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07 November 2019

SAB Goblin Buddy in 3 weeks - UPDATED
Successor of Goblin 380 on its way

SAB Heli Division just announced the new SAB Goblin Buddy helicopter, which is a 380 class modell based on the previous Goblin 380.

The helicopter will have a new shape and design to match the current design line of SAB and increasing the visibility. It will have wider landing gear to make the landing more comfortable. The side frame have changed as well: the new side frame is 1.5mm wide, which will increase its rigidity.  The battery and ESC trays are relocated for a better CG.

The helicopter will be released in 3 weeks by the current plans of SAB Heli Division.

The new SAB Goblin 380 Buddy will be a bit expensive as the kit costs $398 (exc. tax) (£400 inc. VAT in the UK) whilst the original Goblin 380 is still available for $268 and $319 depending on the version and the kit.

SAB Goblin Buddy in 3 weeks - UPDATED