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  • Global 3D 2018 -Sunday - Ryan Henson 020.jpg

    Sunday summaryPhotos about the last day

    The weather was nice on Sunday again, therefore nothing disturbed the programs. Here is a brief summary of the day in pictures.

    Ryan Henson
    08 July 2018
  • Global 3D - Ryan Henson - 006.jpg

    Photos of Saturday

    Saturday is still going on. Here are some exclusive pictures from Global 3D. Helis, events and people like Callum Henson, Nik Johnson and many more. And detailed pictures of GLogo Nitro...

    Ryan Henson
    07 July 2018
  • Helifest 2018 - set 3 - 069.JPG

    Helifest 2018 - PicturesPart III.

    The last set of Helifest 2018. Includes retailers' helis: Align, Mikado, SAB Goblin, XL Power. Sponsor tents: Align-TRex Models, Midland Helicopters, Kontronik. Demos, people and some other things to see at Weston Park Model Air Show 2018
    19 June 2018
  • IMG_2854.JPG

    Helifest 2018 - PicturesPart II.

    Helifest 2018 in pictures. The second album with amazing Goblin demo, nitro helis, smoke and even more smoke. And people, moments, emotions.
    18 June 2018
  • Helifest 2018 023.JPG

    Helifest 2018 - PicturesPart I.

    Images about Helifest 2018. The first set. This album contains assorted images from the Helifest weekend. Pilots, helicopters, demos and moments.
    18 June 2018