03 November 2018

Sku: H45053T

Torque Tube (crash protection)
T-Rex 450PRO

Special protection design torque tube. When you have a crash or collision with tail blade, it will protect the umbrella gear and make the damage at the back section of the torque tube. While using this torque tube, please always check if the torque tube is damaged or broken every time after a collision while flying.

Torque Tube (crash protection)
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Suitable for normal and 3D flying.


  • Torque tube × 2
  • Torque tube end × 4
  • 347 tail boom × 1 (Ø11 × Ø12 × 347mm)


  • Max. impact torque:
    • 5~7kg/cm2
    • 69.45~97.23oz/in2