30 October 2018

Sku: RH50E18XT

Align T-REX 500X Combo
Including BeastX FBL

Perhaps one of the most popular models in the market. The T-Rex 500X is based on the experiences of previous T-Rex 500 editions. This is one of the best options to learn flying RC helicopters.

Align T-REX 500X Combo
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  • Align
  • 935mm
  • 151mm
  • 259mm
  • 1054mm
  • 470mm
  • 219mm
  • 75mm
  • 12T
  • 134T
  • 80T
  • 21T
  • 1 : 11.17 : 3.81
  • ~1450g
  • ~2200g
  • 6S1P 2600 mAh 30-40C
  • 6S1P 3300 mAh 20-30C

Refresh and refine, T-REX 500X adapt with brand new FL rotor head system, utilizes an extremely low CG design which reduces resistance during 3D maneuvers while increasing flight responsiveness and precision. A progressive design adds a gloss silver and red anodizing appearance which continue our quality development based on our 700 class helicopter. The T-REX 500X main frame utilizes composite material integration technology on carbon side frame plates, including the addition of battery mounting side rails, and a top motor mount design. Innovative adjustable belt guide pulley, allows a convenient way to adjust the belt tension by releasing or tightening the screw. The screw is used to maintain optimal belt tension over time to keep the best. Also T-REX 500X landing skid is tilted 5 degrees forward to improve crashworthiness.

T-REX 500X utilizes 470mm main blades and 520MX (1600KV/3527) motor with 20% power upgrades than the original 1600KV/3225 motor. The latest new RCE-BL80X Brushless ESC support dual BEC output from 6 ~ 8.4V providing efficient and superior power. The NEW DS530M/DS535M digital servos are with extreme torque and speed response allow to support faster, more precise and accurate flight performance.


Equipped with all the top end electronic devices, T-REX 500X is as stable and powerful like the large scale helicopters. It is about to re-define the 500-class helicopters in your mind.

The box contains

  • T-REX 500X Super Combo kit
  • 470mm Carbon blades
  • 78mm Tail Blade
  • 530 Cyclic Servos × 3
  • 535 Tail Servo
  • RCE-BL80X 80A Brushless ESC
  • 520MX Motor 1600KV
  • MicrobeastX Plus

Needed to complete

  • Minimum 6 channel transmitter
  • Compatible receiver
  • 6S 2600-3300 mAh LiPo battery
  • Digital Pitch Gauge
  • Accessories, tools


Align T-REX 500X Combo