27 November 2018

Sku: HZ024

Align Hexagon Screwdriver Set
Standard size screwdrivers

This screwdriver set is a "must have" set for all helicopters.

Align Hexagon Screwdriver Set
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Super hard screwdriver head made by HSS high alloy steel, wear and distortion resisting!

Purifier handle made by aluminium alloy CNC.

Extra hole on handles to allow put other tools for bigger force.

Use on M1.5, M2, M2.5, M3 socket screws of helicopters


  • 1.5mm Hexagon screwdriver (Black / 26.6g) × 1
  • 2.0mm Hexagon screwdriver (Blue / 28.6g) × 1
  • 2.5mm Hexagon screwdriver (Purple / 29.5g) × 1
  • 3.0mm Hexagon screwdriver (Red / 31g) × 1